Legally married in Thailand

Are you legally married in Thailand? Thailand hold majority of tourists entering the Kingdom. A huge number of foreigners across the globe come and visit Thailand for holidays and even meet ups with their loved ones. This is the part where they get to know each other and enter into marriage with Thai women.

Legally married in Thailand

Some foreigners also got to chance to meet other foreigners whom they have found true love with and goes to the next stage of dating, and eventually into marriage. This is the process to be legally married in Thailand.

Steps for Thailand marriage process:

  • – Obtain an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry or Affidavit from Embassy or consulate
  • – Embassy-issued documents must be translated to Thai language
  • – All Thai-translated documents must be legalized at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)
  • Registration of marriage at the local District Office (Amphur)

Getting married in Thailand is considered a convenient process for foreigners compared to having a marriage done in Western countries, Europe and other countries. It is cost-effective regardless of nationality, the same set of rules apply. As long as proper documentations are provided, Thai marriage registration will be completed. Always speak to a family lawyer in Thailand about getting legally married in Thailand.

Thai Marriage Registration

It has been a common misconception among all. That a wedding ceremony and the reception intended for the celebration is the same. However, these processes are entirely different as the legal aspect of the marriage will be done. Yes, in the presence of a district officer at the district office. Once all documents are approved and signed by the officer. Now only a Thai marriage certificate will be issued which will be used for legal purposes. There are some cases wherein the location of ceremony and the reception can be arranged as applicable.

Be mindful that not everyone who wished to marry would be eligible right away. There is an age requirement which is 17 years of age and older only. Also, for those aged less than 20, a written consent from the parents will be required. Note also, if there are supporting documents in a foreign language, it must be translated into English. Also, if one has been found to be married in another country, regardless if signed affidavit obtained from the respective embassies. The first legal marriage will be declared and recognized, and the marriage performed in Thailand will be voided. being legally married in Thailand also comes with the option of applying for a Thai marriage visa.

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For a foreign national, it is mandatory to obtain an Affirmation letter or an affidavit. This from their country’s Embassy or consulate that would certify the eligibility to marry in Thailand. There is specific list of documents required depending on which country you are from.


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