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Legalization process at MFA

Legalization process at MFA

This is the process of the legalization process at MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in Thailand. Important documents to be utilized overseas should always be legalized by the Department of Consular Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for it to be considered as legal documents. Also, any documents written in a foreign language should be authenticated by the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate of the relevant countries or their foreign embassies located throughout Thailand before it can be translated into Thai and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and considered as legal documents by any government body in Thailand.

Legalization process at MFA

Legalization is the process of authentication by authorized official from the Department of Consular Affairs or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or any Diplomatic Service Officer or competent authority to verify and certify the correctness of a certain document in accordance to its original copies.

Mostly all documents which can be legalized include official documents issued by the Thai government such as: birth and death certificates, certificate of name change, identification card, house registration, marriage and divorce registration, marital status certificate and other documents issued by Thai government agencies.

Prior to legalization, one must have the foreign documents translated into English and Thai languages. Spelling of names should be carefully verified prior to submitting of documents. Names and surnames should be correct and precise with the identification cards including the official documents to avoid any problem when further processing the legalized documents. If you use a translation service or company, you should make sure that the service is reliable and up to standard. It is the responsibility of the owner of the documents to examine the translation thoroughly.

Required documents to prepare:

  • Original copies of documents to be legalized and translated;
  • Photocopies of the documents to be translated without signing for Certificate of True Copies;
  • Copy of identification card, signed for certification of true copy;
  • Copy of passport to see person’s full name in English;
  • Signed Power of Attorney;

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