Thai Statutory Laws

This is the start of the listings of Thai statutory laws. The text is for educational purposes as well as for comprehension purposes only. Speak to one of our lawyers for advice if you wish to start a business in Thailand or want to discuss comparative laws. The most questions tend to revolve around immigration, corporate and family law. We have also included where time permits issues on Thai constitutional law and how this compares to the West and the Asian region.

Many businesses started today in Thailand tend to be in the services industry. These range from entertainment venues and all the laws pertaining to zoning as well as business, entertainment and other licences in Thailand. Then there are also other services industries such as hotels and resort partnerships. Note again that we accept no legal liability for the referencing of the text on these articles. Most will be on the statue laws in Thailand while there are some legal opinions on current issues. 

Thai Statue Laws : Academic

The Thai statutory laws are listed below. This is a small but growing list of Thai laws and legal opinions. Check back on a regular bases for more coverage of the laws and other legal views. If you have a question then speak to us online or email us your questions.  We are more than delighted to assist you in this regard.

We have in the past dealt with academics and students who are doing work on their comparative legal studies. The Thai legal system has many features of Roman Dutch law as well as local Thai laws. Over the years there have been many major changes in the legal system. Bringing it more in line with the West as globalism increases. 

entertainment license

Entertainment Places Act BE 2509 (1966)

The statue which covers entertainment venues in Thailand has become important with the advent of Covid 19. Many venues have been closed such as bars, nightclubs and restaurants. The tourism industry has also been shut down.This is the Statue which covers the entertainment industry.