Entertainment License

You will need that Entertainment license in Thailand! Among the most popular businesses that foreigners venture into Thailand’s huge tourism industry (see TAT licence) are entertainment and restaurant and bar/pub business. This industry proves to be very lucrative as the number of tourists, the industry’s main consumers, arriving in Thailand has never dwindled. It’s increasing, in fact.

Entertainment License

Who can Apply

A person applying for Entertainment License shall have the following qualifications:

Minimum of twenty (20) years old upon applications

Not being a character defect or deterioration in morals

Also not being a person of unsound mind, Imperfect or crazy

Not being a person with an illness related to infectious diseases as objectionable to society, Alcoholism, or serious drug addiction.

Never been convicted of a crime relating to sexual abuse according to the Criminal Code under the law on women and girls trafficking. The law on dissuasion of the distribution and trade of pornographic materials, and the law on the dissuasion of prostitution. Likewise also see the Entertainment Places Act as well as the Hotel Law as well. 


However, in case the applicant is a juristic person, the representatives thereof must be qualified as set forth in the preceding paragraph. The Permission and Issuance of the Entertainment License shall be done by the District Office.

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Business Licenses in Thailand

This explains why a lot of foreigners would like to set up entertainment and resto-bar businesses in the most popular areas in the country. Places such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, and the southern islands and islets. Note that this is for an entertainment license and not for a TAT license or Tourism license in Thailand.

Entertainment License in Thailand

Any individual or company intending to establish Entertainment, Restaurant, and Bar/Pub businesses in any part of Thailand must secure and apply for the following licenses prior to its opening/operations:

A. Food License: for the application and issuance of a Food License, the establishment of a business that wants to sell food must apply and secure the necessary Food License. This from the Municipality or District where the proposed establishment or business is located.

B. Alcohol and Cigarette License: in case the business establishment wants to sell alcohol and cigarettes. Then an Alcohol and Cigarette License must also be applied and secured from the Excise Department Office (Branch). However, under Thai regulations, an establishment or a business under Thai regulations is strictly prohibited to sell alcohol near Schools and Religious Areas. Also, at Fuel Stations (Gasoline Stations). A cigarette is also strictly prohibited in the mentioned areas except for the Gasoline Stations.

C. Entertainment License: for those establishments or business who wants to provide any of the following services:

– Dancing venues
– Entertain clients by employing entertainers
– Massage
– Band equipment for concert

TAT License

If you are going into tourism then you will require a TAT license in Thailand.

business taxes

If you are going to sell liquor then you will require a liquor license in Thailand.