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Grounds for Divorce in Thailand

Grounds for Divorce in Thailand

These are the grounds for divorce in Thailand. Divorce is a process which causes conflicts if one or the other will not mutually settle and agree to end the marriage. If a divorce is impossible to be done at the district office by both agreeing to it, then you would have to do it the other way and file for a divorce in court. Going through the process of a divorce in court, known as the contested, means to be able to provide claims for the divorce.

Grounds for Divorce in Thailand

Thailand tends to be Bangkok with lots to offer the expatriate in Thailand.

Divorce in Thailand
Married in Thailand divorce in UK

Speak to a lawyer about this as you will need to original marriage certificate from Thailand.

Divorce in Thai language
All the legal proceedings in Thailand is done in the Thai language. You will need a Thai lawyer. 

Thailand divorce rate

The Thai divorce rates for interracial marriages tends to be higher than average.


Thailand divorce alimony

Child alimony or child maintenance in Thailand can become complicated if one parent leaves.

Divorce in Thailand child custody

Child custody in Thailand during a Thai divorce gets complicated.


Is my Thai wife entitled to half of everything

The most common question in Thailand is divorce and property issues in Thailand.

Contested divorce – Thailand

Having a contested divorce in Thailand is a complex issue and legal advice is a must.


Thailand divorce agreement

The easiest and fastest divorce in Thailand is by a divorce agreement or  no fault divorce.

The following are grounds accepted in filing a divorce in court:

  • 1.       Adultery

– If any spouse provided support or has honored another and been proved with infidelity, this would be a claim for divorce.

  • 2.       Misconduct

– If a spouse is found responsible for any bad behavior that causes the other party as:

  • 2.1 Seriously ashamed or embarrassed
  • 2.2 Insulted or hated continuously as a husband or wife of the other who is found wrong doing
  • 2.3 Sustained excessive injury or trouble
  • 3.       Seriously harmed or tortured

– If one spouse has caused physical or mental damage by hurting the other in body or emotionally, and have insulted the other, this is also considered as a factor and basis for divorce.

  • 4.       Desertion

– If one has abandoned the other for more than a year, a divorce can be filed.

  • 5.       Imprisonment

– If one has been sentenced and imprisoned for more than a year without the knowledge, or any participation of the other, or a consent from the other that would cause a problem be a root of divorce.

  • 6.       Separation

– If one or the other has lived their lives separately as being unable to live together peacefully for more than 3 years or by order of the court, this too will be a ground to file a divorce.

  • 7.       Disappearance or left the dwelling

– If one has disappeared or has left his home or country of residence for 3 years and not knowing if still alive or deceased, the other may file for a divorce.

  • 8.       Failure in giving proper maintenance and support

– Unable to fully support the spouse in areas of need will be a reference of divorce filing.

– If one party be found and confirmed as mentally ill for more than 3 years that does not guarantee the growth and continuity of marriage, the other may claim for divorce.

  • 10.    Broken bond of good behavior

– For those subjected to good behavior bonds, failure to comply with what has been imposed will be a ground for divorce.

  • 11.   Suffering from a communicable disease

– If one or the other has an incurable disease which is dangerous and would cause harm to the other would be a ground used for divorce.

  • 12.   Physical disadvantage

The grounds for divorce in Thailand as explained above should also be viewed with other issues when it comes to divorce in Thailand. Firstly you will need to have a Thailand lawyer as well as be represented by a Thai law firm even when it is an unopposed divorce. See the other links from this website which will explain further details about the divorce process in Thailand.