Business License Application

This is the business license application process. If you are starting a business in Thailand then you will need to apply for a business license for certain types of trade. If as an example you are starting a bar in Thailand. You not only have to be registered for VAT but also for social security. You would also need an entertainment license for the bar. Below are the two main issues with starting a business in Thailand.

Business License Application

Business License Application

Company Registration

There are a number of options when it comes to business registration in Thailand. There are mainly two types of companies that are registered in Thailand. Also there is a limited company and an unlimited liability company. You can register a company in Thailand within 1 day. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand about company registration.

TAT License

If you are into tourism and want to register your company to obtain a TAT license then there are certain rules which need to be followed. TAT is very strict about their license which allows you to show you, potential customers, that the Thai government has certified your business for tourism. See the main webpage for more information about this process in Thailand and what is needed from you.

Entertainment License

If you are opening a bar or any form of entertainment venue. Then you need to obtain an entertainment license in Thailand. Speak to us about what is needed for the entertainment license and how best to obtain it. The government is very strict about the license much like the TAT license process. Call us today and speak to your lawyers in Bangkok about this and. Also your cigarette and alcohol licenses which need to be looked at.

With offices in Phuket and Bangkok, you can visit any of our offices for a conversation with a lawyer about starting a business in Thailand. You can also call us toll-free if you need more information about the process, cost, and how long the licensing takes in Thailand. Call us today or send us an email if you have any questions.