Thai Dependent Visa

If you have family who are dependent on you then you can bring them to Thailand with you. The dependent visa Thailand or the Thai dependent visa has its requirements. The process can be very complicated and you will need to speak to our immigration lawyer in Thailand about this type of visa.

Long term visa holders in Thailand are able to bring their dependents in the country to stay with them through a Non Immigrant O visa also known as Dependent Visa. This is mostly for those who are working in Thailand and have a valid work permit for Thailand. These are mainly executives in Thailand or teachers who bring their family with to the country. 

Thai Dependent Visa

Thai Dependent Visa

There are a number of people who use the Thai dependent visa. These tend to be those who are woking in Thailand and need to have their children with them while in the country. Many teachers or executives who work in Thailand tend to make use of this visa.

Long Term visa requirements

If you have a valid work permit then the dependent visa for Thailand will work for their children. Many expats who have children at international schools in Bangkok have their children here on a dependent visa. Most times but not always this is arranged by the business. More often than not, you will need to take care of this yourself. The process can become complex however the visa is very common as explained above.

Many expats who still have minor children also place their dependents on the visa. Speak to us about this and what the requirements are. 

  • If you work for a foundation or non profit with a Non O visa with a valid work permit.

Much like those who also come to Thailand to work, the visa is mainly applicable to their children or to their spouse. Again, speak to us about the requirements and we will provide you with the correct visa advice on what is best to do. 


The main requirements are as follows:

  • You will need to show evidence of a relationship. 

You can show this with a birth certificate for a child and a marriage certificate for a spouse. This would be a dependent spouse or a dependent child or children. Speak to us about translations and certification as the certificates have to be legalized by your Embassy in Thailand before they will be submitted to the immigration office.

  • Valid visa and work permit of the foreigner

You will also need to show that you have a work permit as well as a valid visa for the application. This will also include a copy of the work permit holders work permit as well as copies of the employer’s business paperwork. Speak to us online for the business paperwork required outside of the business registration. The paperwork for a business and a school will be different. The passport being the original as well as a copy of the work permit holders passport. There will normally also be an extension stamp in the passport to reflect the work permit status of the person.

  • The valid passport, at least two spare pages with a long than 6  months+ expiration.

Ensure that the passport is valid and will have use longer than what the work permit would be for. If the work permit is for 1 year then ensure that the passport with the dependent visa has an expiration date longer than the 1 year when you arrive. Should the holder of the work permit have the employment for longer with an extension. Be this beyond the dependants passport validity. Then the dependent passport’s visa can be transferred into the new passport at Thai immigration. 

Visa Application Process

An initial visa valid for 90 days is usually applied for outside of the country ideally from the Thai embassy or consulate at the applicant’s home country. This visa is then extended into a dependent visa once the applicant is in Thailand. By then the applicant would have satisfied all requirements for the visa. The validity of the visa given is dependent on the validity of the visa it’s dependent on.

Thai Visa Assistance

It remains best to enlist the services of Thai Visa Professionals for assistance to ensure a hassle free processing of your dependent visa. There are a number of visa options in Thailand and we guarantee our visas with a money back guarantee. See the full listing of Thai visas listed under Thai Visa. Speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand. If you have any questions about the visa then speak to us online or visit our offices in Bangkok for further assistance. See also the Thai business visa as well as how to convert Thai tourist visa to Thai marriage visa as well as on this website.