Thai Citizenship

Thai Citizenship

Obtaining a Thai Nationality is perhaps the pinnacle of a foreigner’s quest for stable immigration status in Thailand. There is also the option of Permanent Residence in Thailand and you can view the advantages and privileges of having PR in Thailand as compared to a normal visa or citizenship. Speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand today for more information and assistance. With offices in Bangkok and Phuket, you can walk into any of our offices for a confidential consultation or call us toll-free from the US, UK or Australia.

What in fact is required and what are the processes involved?


Basic Qualifications


According to Section 10 of the Thai Nationality Act B.E. 2508 (A.D. 1965) a foreigner may be able to apply for a Thai nationality if he meets the following qualifications:

a. should be at a legal age

b. possess good character

c. gainfully employed

d. lived in Thailand for not less than 5 years

e. able to communicate in Thai

Those who are married to a Thai and have children born in Thailand or have studied in a local school have a good advantage.


Application Process


The qualified applicant must complete an application form and along with required documents must submit them to:

– Criminal Investigation Division Group I, Subdivision 3, Police Department, Rama I, Bangkok.

– The application fee is THB 5,000.

– The processing period can take up to 3 years to complete.


Thai Nationality Application Assistance


It would be prudent to consult Thai immigration expert to determine your chances of obtaining a Thai nationality.

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