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GAM Legal Alliance are one of the leading law firms in Thailand and are well established in Bangkok. Speak to us today for legal advice and assistance. If you are looking for a Thailand law firm then look no further than GAM Legal Alliance in Bangkok. If you need legal advice and assistance in Thailand be it in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket then call us on our toll-free number from your home country on the numbers listed on the sidebar. You should always take advice when it comes to property matters as well and both marriage and divorce as Thai law can become complicated. This is where a law firm in Thailand comes to the fore..

Thai Immigration

Thai Immigration

If you had been considering to either visit or settle in Thailand permanently, you are going to have to consider the immigration rules set by Thai Immigration and also all the regulations with regards to your entry and exit permits. You would have to consider the appropriate Thai visa which will allow you to stay in Thailand legally. There are a number of options available depending on your status. Speak to a lawyer at a Bangkok law firm.

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Public Notary

Public Notary

If you are living in Thailand and you need to have documents certified then you can speak to us about the services of a public notary while in Thailand. See the main page for more details.

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Family Law

Family Law in Thailand

If you live in Thailand then it is always good to have access to a Thai Family Lawyer at a Bangkok law firm. In Thailand family-related issues and also domestic disputes including issues related to Marriage and Divorce and also Child Adoption makes up most of the work in the Thai justice system. If you as a foreigner are considering getting married, adopting or getting divorced then speak to us today for further legal assistance and advice.

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Litigation in Thailand

If you live in Thailand or manage a business in Thailand then you may need a litigation lawyer. These can be commercial litigation or even family law litigation. Family law litigation can be very costly.

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Thai Marriage

If you are getting married then you might consider using a Thailand law firm to complete the marriage registration process. If you are you to stay in Thailand then you might need to obtain a Thai marriage visa. If you are going to take your Thai wife home then a law firm in Thailand can start the process of taking your wife back to the US with a K3 Visa or CR1 visa from Thailand. For British nationals there is also a British spouse visa which you can apply for from Thailand or if you are an Australian then the Australian spouse visa can be applied for from Thailand.


If you are going to look at paying alimony in Thailand or maintenance then you should speak to a lawyer at a Thailand law firm first for guidance. Most times alimony issues as well as maintenance comes after or during a divorce but they also occur after child legitimation where you have now been registered as the biological father of the child and have been given all the rights and privileges which this brings. These are some of the instances where you will need to have a Thailand law firm on your side. Without proper legal advice and assistance from the law firm in Thailand your mistakes can become costly. Always take advice from a law firm in Thailand.

If you have been arrested in Thailand while on holiday then language is going to be important when dealing with the legal system. You should always ensure that you have the ability to represent your case to the police as well as to the court. There are many obscure laws in Thailand such as those related to vaping as well as what constitutes kidnapping in Thailand. It is always best to have local knowledge in these cases as well as the most common issue being assault. These occur more often on holiday than not.

Property Law

Thai Real Estate

Considering buying real estate in Thailand be this a condo unit or a villa or a track of land in your Thai wife’s name comes with its own problems. Have a holiday home in Thailand or simply as a form of investment is good however if you venture down the road of land and villa then it becomes very complicated. Speak to our property lawyer about your real estate options in Thailand. speak to us in Bangkok or at our Phuket office for more details.

Buying a CondoProperty TaxesTitle DeedsSuperficiesDue Diligence

Corporate Law

Thai Law

If you have started a business in Thailand then consider all the issues you need to consider. Corporate taxes, litigation and labour unrest. Contact us about your corporate issues.

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The laws in Thailand with regard to property is not as foreigner friendly as you might think. Generally you cannot own a house in your own name. There are also limitations as to how much of the units in a building foreigners can own. Foreigners are not allowed to own more than 49% of the units in a building and when buying property you need to have all of this checked. The property market does have many issues and getting a Thailand law firm to investigate and do a due diligence on the property, owner as well as the building contractor as there are projects in Thailand that never get completed.

Foreign Visa Applications

US Visa in Thailand

You have married in Thailand or met your Thai fiancee. You do not plan on living in Thailand and now wish to take her back home. Speak to us about your spouse or fiancee visa. We can assist with an Australian visa, US Spouse visa and fiancee visa. We can also assist you with a British visa for your fiancee or Thai wife. We also have the ability to apply for a Schengen visa in Bangkok if Europe is where you wish to go. Speak to us today and call us tollfree.

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Will & Testament

Draft Last Will

If you have now retired in Thailand then consider drafting a last will and testament while in Thailand today. Split your estate between local and overseas for ease for your family members.

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