Thai Tourist Visa

This is the Thai tourist visa for your holiday in Thailand. Any foreigner who is planning on coming to Thailand on holiday. If for a longer period longer than 30 days would be best advised to visit the Thai Embassy or Thai Consulate in his or her home country. Then apply for a Thai tourist visa.

Note that this Thai visa is only valid for 60 days once you enter Thailand. The Tourist Visa application can be done in your home country either by mail or in person if you are not too far away. Note that Thai visa processing normally takes about two business days. This however depends on the Thai Embassy.

Thai Tourist Visa

Thai Tourist Visa

60 day Tourist Visa Thailand

These are the processes for the 60 day tourist visa for Thailand from a Thai Embassy. You can also extend the 60 day tourist visa for an additional 30 days. This will give you 90 days. You will note that there is no 90 day tourist visa in Thailand. Its a 30 day additional days to the tourist visa. This is the tourist visa extension in Thailand. There is an additional cost of 1,900 THB at Thai immigration for the visa extension.  Speak to our immigration lawyer in Thailand today. If you are planning on staying Thailand then apply for the correct visa. If you are married to a Thai then apply for a non immigrant o visa Thai spouse and if you are over 50 years and can meet the requirements then you can apply for a Thai retirement visa.

Australia, Canberra

If you are applying from the Thai Embassy in Canberra you will need to complete the application for and have a photo for the application form. You must also show a copy of updated bank statement showing at least 20,000 THB per person. You will also need to show accommodation in your name. Note that the visa application can take up to 5 business days to be issued. 


New Zealand, Wellington

Complete you application form at the Embassy with a photo for the form. You passport has to be valid for at least 6 months for the tourist visa from Wellington. You will also need to show a confirmed air ticket showing that you will be leaving Thailand. finally show at least NZ$ 2,000 for your period of stay.


Washington, United State of America

As from the 27 September 2021, the Royal Thai Embassy has been implementing “stickerless” E-visa service. Please note that it is no longer required to submit passport and original documents via mail to the Royal Thai Embassy.  You will need to show that the passport is valid for 6 months after you leave Thailand as well as your return airline tickets. You will to print out your eVisa to show to immigration when you enter Thailand. 


London, United Kingdom

The Thai Embassy also uses an eVisa system. You will need to ensure that you have the needed funds, onward air or return airline ticket. This as well as a passport valid for more than 6 months after you leave Thailand. You will also need to printout your eVisa for immigration when you enter Thailand.


Tokyo, Japan

You will need your passport valid for longer than 6 months after you leave Thailand. Also a copy as well as the original bank account document, showing you have more than 20,000 THB person. Your employment letter from your company, airline tickets with a return as well as accommodation in your name. Don’t forget a colour passport photo and a personal history letter as well as your itinerary. 


Belgium, Brussels

Your passport is valid for at least 6 months. Passport photo as well as your declaration form. Also your Belgian ID card and a copy of your onward airline tickets as well as proof of accommodation. For a single entry tourist visa, you will also need to show at least €700 in your bank account. Your passport showing your travels over the last 12 months as well as a photo with your face and the front of the passport photo page showing.


France, Paris

Passport information page as well as a color passport photo as well as your residence permit.or proof of address for European passports (e.g electricity bill or mobile phone). Your plane ticket reservation with all the details. Medical insurance in English covers medical expenses for the entire duration of stay with a minimum coverage of 50,000 USD. Also, there should be proof of accommodation such as a hotel reservation.Financial proof (currency in euros): your bank statement dated less than 30 days, with a minimum balance of €2,000 per applicant. Finally, proof of address in France/Monaco.


Note that a double-entry tourist visa is also an option so decide before if you will need this type of visa. Thai embassies have become very strict about visa abuse. So not all Thai Embassies may issue a double-entry visa. The double entry tourist visa does save you time.

  • Completed Visa Application Form
  • Return flight ticket
  • Proof of financial capacity to support oneself while in Thailand

This with applying for a re-entry permit when you leave Thailand and wish to return. The visa also provides you with a much longer period of stay in Thailand. You can also find the Thai retirement visa for married couple on here if you are a married couple.


Thai Visa Options

Tourist Visa Extension

The extension for the tourist visa is normally for a period of 30 days on its first extension. Looking at the tourist visa you will note that a single entry Thai tourist visa with an extension of 30 days allows a foreigner a full 90-day stay in Thailand. On the other hand, a double-entry Thai tourist visa can provide the holder of the tourist visa a total of 180-day stay in total with a visa run. The visa extensions are done at the Thai Immigration Office anywhere in Thailand. You can however anticipate an extension fee of THB 1900 per extension.

Thai Visa Options

If you are looking at retirement in Thailand then consider obtaining a Retirement Visa for Thailand.If you are married to a Thai national and you have registered your marriage in Thailand. Then take the marriage certificate to the Thai Embassy and apply for a Thai Marriage Visa. Note that both visas are a 2 step process. The first process is obtaining the visa from the Embassy which most times would be a 3 month or 90-day visa. This then has to be extended in Thailand. Most expats use an attorney for this as the red tape at times can become complicated and confusing. See the full visa listing visa types. These include the Thailand retirement visa. 

Tourist Visa Conversion

If you have a Thai tourist visa in Thailand and you have at least 30 days left on it. You can then convert the tourist visa to a retirement visa. You can also convert the tourist visa to a marriage visa. It takes about 3-4 weeks to convert your current visa into another visa. So, if you are changing your visa type or status then ensure that you do this early. The visa conversion is done at Thai immigration in Thailand so there is no need to go to an Embassy again.

If you are converting to a marriage visa or retirement visa, then ensure that you have placed the correct amount of money into your bank account. See how to open a bank account. This is 800,000 THB for the retirement visa and 400,000 THB for the marriage visa. By the time you extend your retirement or marriage visa, the money would have been in your account for at least 2 months already. 

Speak to us online if you are going to do a visa conversion as we can assist you with this process. See the Thai visa questions for more answers or speak to us online.