Thai Tourist Visa

This is the Thai tourist visa for your holiday in Thailand. Any foreigner who is planning on coming to Thailand on holiday. If for a longer period longer than 30 days would be best advised to visit the Thai embassy or Thai consulate in his or her home country. Then apply for a Thai tourist visa. Note that this Thai visa is only valid for a period of 60 days once you enter Thailand. The Tourist Visa application can be done in your home country either by mail or in person if you are not too far away. Note that Thai visa processing normally takes about two business days. This however depends on the embassy.

Thai Tourist Visa

Thai Tourist Visa

Note that a double-entry tourist visa is also an option so decide before if you will need this type of visa. Thai embassies have become very strict about visa abuse. So not all Thai embassies may issue a double-entry visa. The double entry tourist visa does save you time. This with applying for a re-entry permit when you leave Thailand and wish to return. The visa also provides you with a much longer period of stay in Thailand. Which are 120 days with a visa run between the two visas.


– Completed Visa Application Form

– Return flight ticket

– Proof of financial capacity to support oneself while in Thailand


Tourist Visa Extension

The extension for the tourist visa is normally for a period of 30 days on its first extension. Looking at the tourist visa you will note that a single entry Thai tourist visa with an extension of 30 days allows a foreigner a full 90-day stay in Thailand. On the other hand, a double-entry Thai tourist visa can provide the holder of the tourist visa a total of 180-day stay in total with a visa run. The visa extensions are done at the Thai Immigration Office anywhere in Thailand. You can however anticipate an extension fee of THB 1900 per extension.

Thai Visa Options

If you are looking at retirement in Thailand then consider obtaining a Retirement Visa for Thailand.If you are married to a Thai national and you have registered your marriage in Thailand. Then take the marriage certificate to the Thai Embassy and apply for a Thai Marriage Visa. Note that both visas are a 2 step process. The first process is obtaining the visa from the Embassy which most times would be a 3 month or 90-day visa. This then has to be extended in Thailand. Most expats use an attorney for this as the red tape at times can become complicated and confusing. See the full visa listing here.