TAT License

This is the TAT License in Thailand. One of the most lucrative businesses in Thailand is the Travel/Tour Guide Business. This is supported by the increasing number of visiting foreigners in Thailand. Based on the statistics, an estimated of 10 million tourists arrived in Thailand in 2009 despite the H1N1 threats, economic meltdown and political situation in the country. It is expected that inbound tourist expenditure per head will increase by around 10.49% in 2011 as compared to 2006.

TAT LicenseTAT License

According to the Department of Tourism other facilities have been introduced to give tourist more reasons to visit Thailand like the healthcare tourism, where it will provide the visitors with private healthcare facilities. It is expected that the tourist arrival for the purpose of medical treatment will reach two Million by 2010 and will increase in the coming years.

TAT License Application

With the above facts about the improving Thai tourism industry, it’s encouraging to set up a Travel and Tour guide business in Thailand.

Setting up a travel and tour business in Thailand

If an individual or company wants to operate Travel/Tour Business in Thailand, it’s a prerequisite to apply and secure first the TAT License (Tourism Authority of Thailand) from Tourist Business and Guide Registration Office. Tour business means to provide foods, accommodations, transportation and guide the customers to their desired destinations.

How to apply TAT License?

If you would like to operate a Tour Business in Thailand, It is required to have a TAT License issued by Tourist Business and Guide Registration Office.

It was also anticipated that the regional demand for travel will continue to be dominated by short trips by Thai travelers to take advantage of cheap shopping and resort facilities in other ASEAN countries. This trend will be supported by the growing popularity of low-cost carriers, which are being given access to the local market.

TAT License : Who can apply?

Tourist Business and Guide Act 2551 states that the applicant must have the following qualifications:

Natural person:
  • A. Being of Thai Nationality
  • B. Being not less than twenty year old of age.
  • C. Having domicile or residence in the Kingdom of Thailand
  • D. Not being insolvent
  • E. Not being a lunatic or incompetent or quasi-incompetent person
  • F. Not Being a person whose license is being suspended.
  • G. Not being a person whose license has been revoke. If license has been revoke, the revocation must have occurred not less than five years previously.
Juristic Person:

This is the best option for a foreigner who wishes to set up a travel and tour business in Thailand. A Thai company has to be put up first and then the TAT license can be applied for afterwards.

  • A. Being registered under Thai Law;
  • B. Having the business purpose for business tourist
  • C. Juristic Person Partnership and all of unlimited liabilities must be of Thai Nationality.
  • D. Limited Company and Public Company Limited, Not less than half of directors must be of Thai Nationality and not less than Fifty-One percent (51%) of capital must be owned by natural persons that are of Thai Nationality.

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