Report of Marriage at the Philippine Embassy

Many Filipinos travel to Thailand not only for leisure but also to seal the knot. Is the marriage legal and will it be honored in the Philippines? For the former concern, the answer is YES as Thai Marriage is legally binding around the world.

As for the latter, the Filipino national is required to report her marriage to the Philippine Embassy as part of the requirements so that the marriage will be honored in The Philippines. This is case for both a Filipino marrying another Filipino or a Filipino marrying a foreigner. The report process takes a day to complete.

Report of Marriage at the Philippine Embassy

In reporting your marriage to the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok, you need to accomplish the application form provided by the Embassy the first time you visited them to request for your Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage aka LCCM. You can probably remember the staff there instructing you to come back following the successful registration of your Thai Marriage.

The required documents are as follows:

– Legalized Translation of your Thai Marriage Certificate. This means you would have to translate your marriage certificate into English (from the original Thai) and then bring it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Legalization.

– 3 Copies of the above document

– 3 copies of passport’s photo page of the husband and wife

– Processing fee is THB 875.00

If in any case you don’t have enough time to personally report your marriage at the Philippine Embassy, you can execute a power of attorney to a third party who can report and submit the documents on your behalf. See also getting married in Thailand as and marriage registration for a Vietnamese national.


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