You are going to need a Thai immigration lawyer for this. Our immigration lawyer in Thailand can assist you with your retirement visa in Thailand. Thai immigration or emigration from Thailand is explained below with the visa options. When considering Thailand as a retirement destination or you get married in Thailand. This is what you need to know about an immigration lawyer with Thai legal services. Speak to our immigration lawyer in Bangkok for assistance. 

Then wish to stay with your Thai wife or husband you would have to consider the rules and regulations as set by the Thai Immigration service. There are many rules for settling in Thailand such as your Thailand visa and other issues such as 90 day reporting and also re-entry permits. See the visa questions page for more information for information on Thai immigration. Always take advice from an immigration lawyer in Thailand before you start your move. This especially for a Thai retirement visa for married couple.


Living in Thailand or setting up a business has become more complicated over the years as more foreigners coming to live in Thailand. The government has also come down on visa abuse and now expect ever foreigner to obtain the correct visa for entering Thailand. Thai immigration has also become very strict with regards to visa on arrivals and the issuing of Thai visas at embassies. See the options below with regards to applying for and extending this visa in Thailand. Speak to our Thai immigration lawyer today. We are also offer a notary service in Thailand to certify your documents.

Immigration Services in Thailand

Seek assistance when it comes to immigration services in Thailand as there are a number of options. You will note that there are long terms visa stays as well as short term. The long term visa applications tend to be those for the retirement visa in thailand as well as those who are married in Thailand.

ImmigrationThe retirement visa are for those over the age of 50 and who wish to retire in Thailand. This is a one year visa which has to be renewed each year. These do change as we have seen over the past 4 years. There has been added requirements for the visas financial requirements.

How long the money now has to remain in your Thai bank account.  There has also been the issue of insurance requirements for those who retire in Thailand. This is where immigration services in Thailand may become handy. 

Living in Thailand

If you are married to a Thai then the extended marriage visa or Thai “O” visa is also a one year visa. This has to be renewed each year and the financial requirements met. These requirements have remained the same over the years unlike the retirement visa. See our immigration lawyer in Bangkok for more information.

Also speak to our immigration lawyer in Bangkok for any changes. There are also shorter term visas such as the work permit and business visa. These tend to be short applications for one year or less. These are mainly for those who teach in Thailand or have short term work in the country. There are those who have a longer view in terms of employment. This would fall under your business visa.

Returning home with your Thai fiancee or Spouse

Many expats do return home with their Thai wife or Thai spouse. These require a foreign visa from Thailand. For the Americans there is the K1 visa from Thailand which is the most common. These are for people who are not married and returning to the US to get married. These take a few months to obtain so be very patient and get the visa application process correct. Errors on the application can become costly and delay your trip back to America.  Take proper advice from our Thai immigration lawyers as laws do change.

Those who are married in Thailand will need to apply for a K3 visa from Thailand or a CR1 visa from Thailand. These take up to a year to complete. There is a major difference between these two visas and each has its advantages. Take proper immigration advice in this regards and see what best suits you. If your Thai wife is going to work in the US when you arrive, then the CR1 visa might be more appropriate. Again take proper immigration advice and guidance on this from Thai immigration lawyers.

Returning to Australia 

For those from Australia, many prefer the Australian fiancee visa as it is faster. You will need to get married in Australia when you arrive. Others who tend to be expats in Thailand tend to obtain and apply for a marriage visa. This mainly as they are already married in Thailand and only moving home. You will also need to ask about the visa for any minor children that are not yours but that of your Thai wife. Those can become a bit more complex if she had been divorced before. Always take advice from Thai immigration lawyers.

British nations prefer the fiancee visa, mainly as most are not expats and are not married. Some would only have a traditional wedding but not register it in Thailand. The British fiancee visa is much faster to obtain than to wait on the spouse visa for Britain. See more details on the links below. Ask our immigration lawyer in Thailand for more advice.

Thai Visa for Thailand (Long Stay)

Immigration rules do change. See what these rules are today for Thailand. It is always advised to use an immigration service in Thailand to manage the immigration process. The retirement visa has had many changes over the years including the adding of grandfather clauses to the retirement visa.

The financial requirements have also seen changes with regards to how long the money needs to be in the account for. The marriage visa has seen few changes of the years. As you will know that business visa has become more stringent when being granted as they normally want to see an application for a work permit on these. Overall immigration has become tougher. 

Retirement Visa

The Thai retirement visa needs to be renewed annually. There is the age requirement as well as the changing financial requirements. See what these are for this year.

Thai Marriage Visa

If you are legally married to a Thai national then you can apply for the annual marriage visa. This Thai “O” visa is issued and extended when you meet the financial requirements.

You can also apply for the Thai dependent visa or Thai guardian visa. If you have minor children then this is a visa that you can look at, or if you have children at school. 

One Year Visa

The one year Thai visa is now more difficult to obtain. You can stay in Thailand for a period of one year at a time. There is now other visa options such as the Thai Elite Card option. 

This is completed once a year and you will need to meet the requirements for this. See what the requirements are and if you meet the requirements for PR in Thailand. 

If you are going to start a business or work in Thailand then you will need to obtain the 3 month business visa. This will then be extended in Thailand with your work permit. 

Thai Long Term Visa

The Thailand 10-year visa or the Thailand long term visa for those who wish to live in Thailand. See the requirements and benefits of this Thai visa. See the link above.

Indeed, you have to apply for and obtain the correct Thai visa for your stay which will also allow you to stay and work in Thailand long term. Thailand offers a number of options such as a visa based on marriage to a Thai national or setting up a business and also visiting Thailand as a tourist. There is also retirement. Once you have decided what you wish to do in Thailand then look at the options available to you.

Thai Visa for Thailand (Short Stay)

See each link for more information with regards to the visa which you wish to apply for. Speak to us online or walk into our offices in Bangkok or Phuket for a free consultation with a Thai immigration lawyer, or simply speak to us online or call our toll-free numbers from the US, UK or Australia. See our FAQ for some of the most common questions or speak our immigration lawyer in Thailand online.

The 90 days reporting can now be done online. There are many who cannot get this to work and a physically visit to immigration is still on the cards. The visa waiver or visa on arrival had had many changes. If you cross over a land border then you will only get a 15 day visa waiver. If you arrive via ari then your get a 30 day visa waiver. This of course depends on which country you are from to get a visa waiver in the first place. Look for assistance from a immigration lawyer Bangkok for more information. 

Visa on Arrival

See who can obtain a visa on arrival for visa waiver and how long the visa waver is for. Those crossing over a land border and those who arrive at the airport are different.

When your visa has been extended you will need to obtain a re-entry permit before you leave Thailand otherwise it will cancel your Thai visa when you leave.

90 Day Reporting

You can do your 90 day reporting online or in person in Thailand. See how this is calculated as well as the fine for not reporting your address every 90 days. 

Thai Visa

There are a number of Thai visa options. These are tourist visa, retirement visa, marriage visa as well as the educational visa and dependent or guardian visa. 

Retirement Visa

These are the Thai visa questions. There are a number of Thai visa options. These are tourist visa, retirement visa, marriage visa as well.

Foreign Visa in Thailand

If you have a Thai wife or in some cases a Thai fiancee and you are planning on taking her back to your home country then speak to us online for call us toll-free from the US, UK or Australia. Note that the visa process and requirements do change so speak to our immigration department to get the latest news about the US visa and ask about your options such as a K1 Fiancee Visa, K3 Marriage Visa or a CR1 Visa from the US Embassy in Bangkok.

The most common UK visa has always been the UK visitors visa as well as the British fiancee visa. UK immigration has become tough on overstayers as well. The US immigration system can be petitioned for the US fiancee visas from Thailand as well as well the US spouse visa. Australian fiancee visas are now more common as well with more opting for a fiancee visa for Australia than the Australian spouse visa from Bangkok. Speak to our immigration lawyer in Thailand for more advice. 

UK Visa

These are the options when it comes to the UK visa from Thailand. Choose the correct visa for your Thai fiance, wife or friends. See also the requirements for each British visa.

There are a number of US visas from Thailand. Understand the requirements for each visa including children’s visas such as the K2 visa and K4 visa applications. 

Australian Visa

The Australian visa options are very popular in Thailand. The Australian visitors visa as well as the student visa options are the most common. There are also fiancee and spouse visas. 

Schengen Visa

The Schengen Visa is popular in Thailand for those who wish to visit the EU. This European visa is a common application from Thailand for tourists who wish to see Europe.