Retirement in Thailand – Facts

Consider the Retirement in Thailand – Facts. If you wish to retire in Thailand then consider what it takes to retire in Thailand if you are an American, European,  Vietnamese or South Korean. You will need to consider the location, how to open a bank account or where to retire. There are a number of locations in Thailand where you can retire however their property and cost of living will be different. If you are going to live in the village of your wife then you can look at all the options available.

Retirement in Thailand - Facts

With retirement there are the usual forms which need to be completed. These are one of those retirement in Thailand – facts you should know. The process may be easy to understand however they do change how they implement these laws each year. You will need to take this into consideration.

See which place in Thailand might suit you best. Most tend to move towards Pattaya with its nightlife while other prefer Hua Hin which is a very quite place. Others prefer Isaan over all as they will move closer to their in-laws. Decide below what it is that you are looking for during your retirement. 


Thai Retirement Visa Documents

The financial requirements for retirement is also important to extend the visa. We have listed the financial requirements for this on the link above.

Thai Retirement Visa Form

Completing your retirement forms starts with The Thai Embassy in your country. Errors completing this leads to delays and possible fines.

Retirement Visa (DUI & Health)

DUI in America and criminal records are important for the retirement visa. Speak to an attorney in Thailand about this.

How to convert your tourist visa to a retirement visa in Thailand. Maybe you arrived on a tourist visa and want to convert this to a retirement visa.

Best places to Retire in Thailand

There are a number of places in Thailand to retire depending on your lifestyle. For a peaceful retirement you might want to consider Buri Ram or Nakhon Ratchasima. If you are looking for low cost living then Buri Ram and Ubon Ratchathani comes to mind or if you are looking for a large expatriate community then Chiang Mai and Pattaya would be what you are looking for.

A more cosmopolitan retirement in Thailand tends to be Bangkok with lots to offer the expatriate in Thailand. View these are your retirement in Thailand – facts which you should know before you make the move. Some prefer the nightlife while others prefer to retire with their Thai wife to Isaan and enjoy the village life. 

Cost of Living in Thailand

buy condo in Bangkok

If you want to retire in Thailand then consider retiring in Bangkok and see what it has to offer. One of the largest cities in the world with lots to offer an expat.

Retire in Pattaya

Retire in Thailand and start your retirement in Pattaya where the city never sleeps. The cost of living might be a bit more than rural Thailand.

Retire in Buri Ram

Many expats who retire in Thailand wish to retire in Buri Ram in rural Thailand. The cost of living in lower and the people are much more friendlier.

Retire in Chiang Mai

If you want to retire in Chiang Mai then consider the mountains and what the city has to offer those who decide to retire in Thailand.

Retire in Nakhon Ratchasima

If you wish to retire in Thailand then retirement in Nakhon Ratchasima might be just for you with its rural lifestyle. Many expats have made it their home.

Retire in Nong Khai

Many retire in Nong Khai a small rural town on the border with Laos in Northern Thailand. Many expats from Laos also come to town and has a big US expat population.

Retiring in Thailand

If you wish to retire in Eastern Thailand then Ubon Ratchathani is another great city and province for those who wish to have a quiet lifestyle.

Retire in Udon Thani

Retirement in Thailand could mean living in Udon Thani which is also very popular with expatriates in Thailand as another retirement destination.

Problems retiring in Thailand

These are some of the more common problems in Thailand. Also remember that it is best when living in Thailand to at the very least take out accident insurance in Thailand for yourself as most deaths for expatriates would be motorbike accidents. Below are some of the other issues you might have in Thailand.

Expatriates in Thailand

You will need to open a bank account in Thailand which can at times become very frustrating. This is how to open a bank account in Thailand if you dont already have one.

Applying for a Drivers License

Driving in Thailand can be dangerous and it is always best to take out local accident insurance. This is how to obtain your international drivers licence in the Kingdom.

90 Day Reporting

You must report your address in Thailand every 90 days or face a heavy fine for late reporting. Ensure that this is done in time every 90 days. Ensure this is done properly.

Thai Retirement Visa Renewal

You will need to renew you retirement visa each year while you live in Thailand. The same information will be needed each year, the same as when you did the process the first time.



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