Australian Visas for your Thai Girlfriend

These are the Australian visa for your Thai girlfriend. With the growth in the Australian economy and with cheap flights in the region the Land Down Under has seen a dramatic increase in Thai and other foreign visitors to Australia.

These range from academic, employment and settlement opportunities available in Australia. If you are a Thai then you need to have a proper Australian visa as a Thai national to enter Australia. See the Australian visas for your Thai wife/girlfriend options listed below. The Australian visa for Thai girlfriend is explained.  You can apply for an Australia visitors visa for your Thai girlfriend. If you are going to get married in Australia then you can also apply for an Australian fiancee visa for your Thai girlfriend.

Australian visa for your Thai girlfriend

Note that it is best to speak to an immigration expert if you are needing an Australian visa for a Thai national. There are a number of Australian visas for Thai citizens as listed below. Always speak to an Australian immigration lawyer in Thailand. The Australian visa for your Thai girlfriend or  the Australian visa for your Thai wife are explained below. As for a sponsor. Yes you can sponsor your Thai girlfriend to come to Australia. There is the prospective marriage visa or fiancee visa for Australia. If you have lived together for 12 months or more then there is also the option of an Australian partner visa from Thailand. 

The most common question for those who are married is about Thai marriage registration. Yes it is legal in Australia. Note that the marriage would have to be registered in Thailand and will need to meet all the requirements in Thailand for a legal marriage. Your marriage certificate in Thailand will be valid in Australia as well. There are a number of Australian visa options for a Thai national. There is the Australian tourist visa for a Thai. You can also apply for an Australian family visa from Thailand for your Thai girlfriend or Thai wife. See the visa requirements for all these visas.


Australian Fiancee Visa

Australian prospective marriage visa (Fiancee Visa)

The Australian fiancee visa is called the Australian prospective marriage visa. This will allow you to take your Thai fiancee or Thai girlfriend to Australia to get married. To qualify for this visa you the sponsor being her Australian fiancee has to meet the financial requirements. 

Your Thai fiancee must be over the age of 18 and meet the health requirements as well as the character requirements. This comes down to having a clean police record. You will have 9 months to get married and change her visa status in Australia. She will also need to prove that she is single by having a “celibacy certificate” or letter of freedom to marry from the Thai government that has been translated and certified. See the links below for more information. 

Note that the Australian Prospective Marriage visa is is a visa which allows you come to Australia to marry your fiance and then apply for a Partner visa.The requirements are that you must be at least 18 years old, sponsored and that you marry your fiancee before the visa expires.

You will need to show that the relationship is genuine, ensure you meet the health and financial requirements. Then also obtain a clean Thai police certificate. There needs to be evidence for all of these requirements before they issue you with the Australian visas for your Thai girlfriend.


Marriage in Thailand

If you had been considering taking your Thai girlfriend back to Australia then this is the best place to start. The fiancee visa is what is needed.

Freedom to Marry for Australian

You Thai fiancee will need to meet the requirements of the Australian prospective marriage visa. The Australian fiancee visa, so see what these are.

visa problems

If you have applied for an Australian fiance visa then these are the common problems in Thailand. You Thai girlfriend might have these issues.

Treaty of Amity

The Australian fiancee visa can be rejected for a number of reasons. See what the most common issues are in Thailand. 

Australian Spouse Visa

There are two Australian spouse visa types. The first is called the temporary partner visa and then there is also the permanent partner visa. The temporary partner visa is a ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​a temporary Australian visa which leads to the permanent partner visa. You must also be in Australia when you apply. Now the permanent partner visa is a ​​​​​​​permanent Australian visa but you must hold currently hold a temporary partner visa.

The Australian permanent partner visa allows you to indefinitely live, work and also study in Australia. You can also sponsor family members who are eligible  to come to Australia. Finally you can also apply for Australian citizenship if eligible.

The Australian temporary partner visa allows you to live, work and study in Australia while your permanent partner visa is being processed. You will be allowed to travel to and from Australia as you like and you can also attend free English language classes. These which have been provided by the Adult Migrant English Program if you are eligible.

The Australian visa for your Thai wife would be the Australian spouse visa which you will need to apply for from Thailand. You will need to complete the process for the visa in Bangkok before the spouse visa for Australia is issued to your Thai wife.


Australian Spouse Visa Documents

If you are taking your Thai wife back to Australia with an Australian marriage visa then see what the requirements are. See also the requirements for this family visa.

Australian visa

The Australian spouse visa needs a criminal record and medical check as well as having a bonafide relationship. You the sponsor must meet the financial requirements. 

Australian Visa Process

Firstly the Australian visas for your Thai girlfriend is explained. The Australian visa ends with the visa interview if that is what is required in addition to all the documents already provided. There is also the need for the Thai police record check which you can see on this page as well. These are all part of the visa application process. There is also a medical check and you will need to check as to what needs to be done. Your immigration lawyer being us will assist you with this. You will need to check as the medical check includes a vaccination check as well as an Xray to check for TB.

Visa rejection is not uncommon. Your Australian visa could have been rejected for a number of reasons. This could be that you have been deported before, provided false information, do not have a permanent employment or are an inappropriate character grounds. For an Australian fiancee visa you could also have failed the medical check.

To marry your Thai girlfriend in Thailand you will need a letter of affirmation from your Embassy in Thailand. Those from Islamic countries should obtain this in their home country. You will need your original divorce decree or death certificate of your former spouse. See more on the Australian visas for your Thai girlfriend.


Visa Interview

If you are married to a Thai citizen or engaged then the Australian visa interview is very important in Thailand. This is an important step and problems can occur. 

Applicants of Thai Police Clearance Certificate

If you are going to Australia as a spouse or as a fiancee then Australian immigration will require a criminal clearance certificate.

Australian Tourist + Working Holiday Visa

The Australian tourist visa or visitors visa for Australia is the most common Australian visa from Thailand. Many Thai people visit Australia for tourism or to visit friends and family who live in Australia. See what the requirements are for the tourist visa. There are also the more options in this regards. Many Thai students have taken on the Australian working holiday visa. See what the requirements are for an Australian working holiday. Speak to us if you require more information on all the Australian visa options. 

The holiday visa for a Thai national will need a visa application in Thailand. Many Thai people visit Australia annually with the Australian holiday visa. You will need to show that you will return to Thailand before this Australian tourist visa is issued.

Getting married while on a tourist visa? Yes you can but then she will be denied an extension of the visa. She would then need to apply for an Australian partner visa. It would be much easier to start the Australian fiancee visa for a Thai national from Thailand or a partner visa.

Yes you can bring your Thai girlfriend to Australia to visit with an Australian tourist visa for a Thai. The first visa is issued for 3 months. The second Australian visitors visa would be for 6 months. There is also the Australian fiancee visa if you plan on getting married. See also the Australian visas for your Thai girlfriend on here.

How long is the visa valid for? Three months. The first Australian visitors visa will only be for three months. After this she may be able to obtain a much longer six month visa. If you intend to get married then you cannot use the Australian Visitors visa for this purpose.

australian tourist visa

If you had been considering visiting Australia then you can apply for an Australian tourist visa in Thailand. See other options as well.

tourist visa

Going to Australia on holiday as a Thai national? These are the options for an Australian Tourist visa. The eVisa is also an option for Australia. 

australia working holiday visa

If you are going to live and work in Australia on a holiday working visa then see if you meet the requirements. Speak to us about your ideas for Australia. 

visa denial

There are many reasons for your Australian visa being denied in Thailand. Speak to us about this today about your Australian visa refusal.