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Who we are

G.A.M. Legal Alliance is a well known professional association of Thai lawyers in Bangkok and Phuket. With foreign business consultants in our employ who have many years of experience both in Thailand and around the Asian region. Looking for an English speaking lawyer in Bangkok, then contact us.

We also have a professional accounting firm that can assist with annual tax returns as well as other services such as payroll services. 

  CEO & Founder of G.A.M. Legal Alliance

What we are experts at

What we do

We can provide family law litigation, marriage registration, corporate registration, helping clients manage their corporate services and more.

Our legal practice areas at G.A.M includes corporate advice such as setting up a business, immigration to Thailand with all that the visa system has to offer. There is also labor law such as employment contracts and work permits. Family law is big in Thailand with local marriages and divorces.

Criminal law has over the years also seen a growth path. We at G.A.M have extensive experience in real estate issues such as property holding structures if you want to place your property into the name of a Thai company. There is also land and condominium purchases which can become very complex due to an unregulated property market and property leases which are very common.

Our tax and accountancy affiliate in Bangkok is fully qualified to provide you with a full range of bookkeeping, accounting, tax advisory and auditing services.

We offer the best

We have over the years come together in Thailand in order to provide a legal service with high standards of excellence and advice to both foreign and regional investors wishing to establish businesses presence in Thailand or many times to buy real estate in Thailand as an investment.

Some are also seeking to make Thailand their retirement home as it offers good living standards at the fraction of the cost in the West. Others are requiring legal assistance or advice in one form or another during their stay in the Kingdom.


Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy has always been to impart a high standard of service to our clients in a timely and accurate manner while keeping costs reasonable. We have always taken extreme pride in our corporate slogan, “We care for our clients”, because it embodies our personal attention which we give to those who enter our offices, seeking advice and assistance. See also spousal support and divorce statistics from Thailand

Best Law Firm in Thailand

Property & Business

With the boom in the property market in Thailand we have also started to market property in Thailand. You should always consider your property investment in Thailand and why having the advice from a Thai property lawyer is important. Laws always change and speaking to a property lawyer in Thailand is the best start.

Who we are

Our Legal Practice


LLM (Université Libre de Bruxelles)


LLB (Chiang Mai University)


LLB ( Prince Songkhla University)


B.A. (Ateneo de Manila University)


LLB (Mae Fah Luang University)


LLB (Ramkamhaeng University)

Head, Marketing Department

B.A ( University of the Philippines)

Thai Lawyer


LLB (Ramkamhaeng University)

Why Choose us?

Our attorneys and legal counselors possess numerous years of experience in diverse areas of the Laws and Regulations of the Kingdom of Thailand. This especially in Property, Immigration, Family, Business, and Corporate Laws. Owing to that reason, most of our clients have reached achievement for the objectives for which they had come to us. We also have English speaking lawyer in Bangkok on staff.

Our resolution is to provide superb legal services to all our clients with integrity and attentiveness. As we believe in the impact of an impression that a person has towards something; hence, apart from doing our utmost to achieve our client’s objectives, our client’s satisfaction with our services is also one of the top missions that we strive to achieve.

As our slogan says “We care for our CLIENTS”, it is our intention to make you feel that, to us, you are more than just a come-and-gone one time customer; in fact, we like you to think of us as a friend or even a family member whom you can always rely on and turn to every time you are in need of legal assistance. We would like to hereby affirm that all your needs will be taken very good care of by us.

With a friendly environment we are creating here, for example, our refund policy; we want to constitute a consistent and long-term relationship between you and us by keeping things simple, transparent, and sensible. Consequently, by us, you will never be surprised with complicated advice, unrevealed information, unexpected incidents, or hidden expenses.

For any legal advice, assistance, or services you may require, please feel free to “contact us” to start our alliance. Our legal consultant is free of charge and we would feel very much honored if we can be of any assistance to you.

What we are expert at

Legal Practice

Immigration Law

Immigration Law

We can assist with Thai immigration as well as immigration to Australia, Europe, UK, Canada and the United States of America. 

Property & Real Estate

Let us assist you with your property transfer and property purchase to ensure that your investment is what you expect it to be. 

Family Law

Family Law

We can provide you with legal advice on your marriage, divorce as well as litigation when it comes to family law in Thailand. 

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Property investment in Thailand be this Phuket, Pattaya or Bangkok is on the up. New developments mixed use and others are on the rise.

Tax & Accounting

Tax & Accounting

We can provide corporate governance, helping clients manage their payroll and taxes and ensuring that all annual reporting is completed. 

Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Let us assist you with your company registration, civil litigation as well as assistance with your annual reporting and business transfer. 

Why use a Thai law firm?

Looking for a law firm in Thailand? If you are going to invest in Thailand and need a law firm in Thailand. Then consider us at GAM Legal Alliance for all your property investment needs. With offices in Phuket and Bangkok, we can assist you in Phuket as well as Bangkok and Pattaya.

The law firm’s location in Bangkok is important as the Land Department is located in Bangkok. With local and expatriate property knowledge we will be able to assist you. This with any property problem or issue, you might have. Remember that the property market in Thailand is not well regulated and it is always best to consult a Bangkok legal firm or any Thailand law firm in the country.

There are not many law firms in Thailand with expatriates in their management or as consultants. Many firms in Thailand tend to be visa agencies that only do visa applications. However, this is not good if you are taking your Thai wife back to the US or UK.

You will need a properly drafted prenuptial agreement. Expatriate managers and consultants also understand not only local Thai laws but also the laws of their home countries. This where they had qualified as attorneys or lawyers at a Bangkok law firm. Always look for an international law firm in Thailand.


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There is no cost for your first visit to G.A.M. Legal Alliance. Together, our representative will sit down with you, we will get to know each other, and decide from there how best to proceed.