Maritime Law

Our Maritime law division can help facilitate vessel registration transactions for both private individuals and corporate clients. If you wish to speak about your yacht registration or boat license, then speak to us now. It is for those who would like to acquire a yacht, vessel or boat in Thailand. Our qualified Thai lawyers will explain to you the legal aspects concerning both the purchase and registration of vessels in Thailand and thereby boost your confidence in the legal process.

Maritime Law

maritime law Thailand

We offer the following services:

  1. Vessel Due Diligence – We can conduct a search of the Vessel’s License and Certificate at the Marine Department. This is to ensure that the seller is the current owner of the Vessel. Also that the License documents are in order. We will also ascertain whether there is any encumbrance listed on the license. We will also translate all relevant documents into English.
  2. Review of Contract – We can review the Pre-Sale/Purchase Agreement and related contracts and offer our legal opinion on these. Should modifications of any of the documentation be necessary to protect your interests? Our lawyer will approach the seller to ensure the inclusion of the needed amendments.
  3. Registration of the Vessel at Marine Department – We can prepare a Power of Attorney, as well as the application form and related documents. Our lawyer can register the Vessel at the Marine Department on behalf of you. See also boat license and yacht registration on this website. 
  4. Tourism License– Further, should this be relevant to the buyer, we can prepare the documents and applications for the Tourism Authority of Thailand License. This at the Bureau of Tourism and Guide Registration. These include documentation concerning insurance, business registration, and licensing.
  5. Setting Up a Thai Company – If the client wishes to register the vessel under a juristic person or a Thai company, our firm can assist with setting up a Thai Limited Company to own the vessel.


Buying a vessel in Thailand whether for pleasure or charter is made easy with the above services. If you are looking at purchasing a vessel i.e. yacht, boat in Phuket, or in Thailand as a whole. We will be delighted to assist you with the whole process.