Thai Marriage Registration

We will explain the Thai marriage registration process and what getting married in Thailand entails. When moving to Thailand and wanting to know about Thai marriage registration. We will explain more about it here.  Firstly, moving to Thailand I did not know that you don’t need to have a wedding ceremony in Thailand to register a marriage. Most people don’t know that either. Furthermore, you will only need to have the correct documents needed to complete this process. This is Thailand marriage registration. Likewise also see the marriage registration office in Bangkok below.

Thai Marriage Registration

We know that when foreigners get married in Thailand. They will need to have the Thai marriage registration completed. They tend to hand the documents over to a lawyer in Thailand as it can become complex. Going through the red tape in Thailand is not something most people want to endure. Likewise note that a wedding ceremony is not legally binding so you cannot apply for a spouse visa unless the marriage is registered.

We will explain that all marriages in Thailand have to be registered at the local Amphur office in the province where you are living. Many prefer to register their marriage in Bangkok as most foreigners complete the process here.  The wedding and marriage with the marriage registration will be valid in both Thailand and your home country. See how foreigners getting married in Thailand is completed.  As well as see how to register a foreign marriage in Thailand.

Yes foreigners can get married in Thailand. You will need an affirmation to get married or freedom to marry from your local Embassy. You will need to ensure that you have your original divorce decree or death certificate of your former spouse.These all need to be registered in here.


Marriage Registration Process

The Thai marriage registration process requires that you need certain documents to complete the process. If you have any questions about your marriage registration you can email us for more information. Note that most countries are easy to complete the registration process. Having said that, however there are others that can be more difficult.

The more complex countries tend to be those from the Middle East and North Africa. Some require you to bring certain documents from home and cannot be obtained at the local Embassy. Certain Asian countries are also complex as some of their requirements require additional documents you can only obtain from home.

The cost of getting married in here is going to depend on what documents you already have, You will need an affirmation or freedom to get married from your Embassy in Bangkok or from your home country. These need to be translated and certified and then filed with the Amphurs Office.

Documents required for marriage registration in Thailand

1. Copy of Identity Document

– Thais nationals: ID card and Household Registration Certificate (‘tabian baan”)
– Foreigners: Passport with your arrival card attached 

2. Certificate of freedom to marry from the Embassy

You must have a certificate of no-impediment or affirmation document. The District Office needs this to register the marriage. This is the Thai marriage registration process. The document issued by your Embassy in Bangkok. It certifies that you are single.

The law makes this a requirement that your embassy has to issue the Certificate of Freedom to Marry. This is also known as a Certificate of no-impediment or Affirmation Certificate. You can also see the certificate of no impediment to marriage in Thailand for each country here.

The processing time and related fees will vary by Embassy. Not many of them will issue the Affirmation document on the same day. Most will make it an overnight process while others are a two-day process. It is best to call your Embassy in Bangkok first to find out the cost and duration. As well as which documents would be needed.

The translated Affirmation document is then certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Most simply hand the documents over to a lawyer as the process can drag on for more than a week.

3, Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate, if any:

If you or your spouse to be had previously been married. You will need a Divorce Certificate or a Death certificate if your former spouse had died. The embassy will normally require these documents as well. Without the said documents, the Embassy will provide you with a certificate to get married.

4. Medical Certificate

A Medical Certificate from a hospital at the time of the Marriage Registration in Thailand. This for a recently divorced woman. This if she in the last 310 days had been divorced or widowed. Now, this is very important in Thailand. They will not register the marriage without this medical certificate. Note that the Medical Certificate to show that she is not pregnant must have been issued by a qualified doctor.

5. Name Change Certificate (for Thai)

The “name change certificate” of your fiancee has to be provided at the time of marriage registration. This is required for the local party to the union if he/she had changed his/her name before. Even though the marriage registration is simplistic. It can become very complicated and drawn out by smaller issues.

To enjoy this most wonderful moment in your life. We recommend you allow us to take care of this paperwork for you. This allows you so that you can concentrate on, and better enjoy, the other aspects of the nuptials. Start planning for the Wedding Ceremony and your Honeymoon.

6. Thailand Visa (Optional Extra)

Once you are married we can assist you with the application for your marriage visa. This while in Asia and assist you in extending this visa to a 12-month spouse visa in Thailand. Speak to us about your visa status when you register your wedding in Thailand.

Thai Marriage Registration Video

Thai Marriage Ceremony vs. Thai Marriage Registration

When you get married in Thailand there is some confusion. The wedding registration does not need a wedding ceremony. In other words, you don’t need to have a wedding ceremony you can start the registration process without this.

You get a marriage certificate once registered even without a wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony is not a prerequisite for the registration process in Thailand. The Thai Marriage Registration process in Thailand can be difficult. If you do not have all the required documents or follow any of the registration formalities.

What you need as a foreigner is a letter of no impediment issued by your embassy in Bangkok. This then needs to be certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Once you have this you need to visit the Amphur’s office or District Office in Thailand to register the union. You get a marriage certificate once done. They provide 2 copies of this.

You will need to have your original divorce decree or death certificate of your former spouse. You will then need to obtain a freedom to marry or affirmation to marry from your Embassy or for your home country.These need to be certified and then registered at the District Office.

Thai Marriage Registration

Our Marriage Package

1. Full Consultation

Full consultation about the process and requirements for getting married in Thailand

2. Translation & Legalisation

Translation of the Affirmation statement into Thai. Legalization of the translated documents at the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs

3. Preparation & Registration

Preparation of the wedding papers and registration of the marriage at the local Amphur office.

4. Translation & Legalisation

Translation of the marriage certificates into English and legalization of the translated certificates for your home country. We then forward this to you.

Marriage Testimonials

What people say about us

I just wanted to write to thank all the staff at G.A.M Legal Alliance for all their help and advice when we registered our wedding. We now have our marriage certificates and are in the process of apply for a UK spouse visa. Richard is most pleased with your marriage registration service.

Achara L.

Thanks to everyone for an easy wedding registration. I am not one for red tape and dealing with government departments. Professionally completed and we are more than happy to recommend you to our friends. Be well and thank you again for all your help.

Stanley K.

Other Services we Offer

If you are going to register your wedding in Thailand then you will note that the traditional Buddhist wedding or Islamic wedding is not legally binding. Both these marriages still need to be registered to be valid not only in Thailand but also in your home country. Marriage registration in Thailand is valid in the UK as well as Australia and anywhere in the world. 


Note that you can stay here for three months if you have applied for a marriage visa. This will need to be extended for 12 months if you meet the financial requirements of the visa. You can stay here for 12 months at a time before the visa needs to be renewed. Note also that polygamy has been abolished here however it is not uncommon for people to have a minor wife or mia noi. This is a common law wife and you cannot apply for a foreign marriage visa for her. Only one wife can be legally registered as your wife here.

Most Common Marriage Questions

Getting married and marriage registration in Thailand can be a drawn-out affair. If you are buying an airline ticket back then first read this. This as the procedures are not the same as in the West. You may also wish to ensure that you have the option of applying for a visa to live with your wife after registration. If you are planning on taking your wife abroad. Then a US Visa or Australian Visa might also be an option with a premarital agreement registered at the same time as your wedding.

Above all consider all the options by speaking to a lawyer in Thailand for advice and guidance at a Bangkok law firm or any other Thailand law firm in the country. For instance this includes immigration matters where an immigration lawyer in Thailand is required.

  • How do I get a marriage certificate in Thailand? 

In order to complete the Thai marriage registration you will need to register your wedding. Therefore this registration in Thailand is completed at the Amphurs Office or District Offices in Thailand. They will provide you with a certificate and registration documents in Thai.

  • Can I live in Thailand if I marry a Thai?

You can apply to live here if you have married a local. After that you will need to register your wedding and then apply for a marriage visa which is extendable for 12 months. Also you will need to meet the financial requirements for this. There is also the retirement visa.