Labor Law

You must know your labor law in Thailand. If you have a business in Thailand then it is always best to ensure that you and your company understand the labor laws in Thailand. See the issues with working without a work permit in Thailand.

Our legal services cover both the labor compliance issues as well as labor disputes. If you are going to hire staff then ensure that you have a proper employment contract which we can assist you with. The employment contract Thailand is important to look at as someone will need to pay for getting a work permit in Thailand as well as the requirements for renewal of work permit in Thailand as well.

Labor Law

Below we have listed some of the most common labor issues in Thailand for businesses. This being not only labor compliance but also labor court representation. Should you have any questions about the employment laws in Thailand. Then email us or walk into our offices in Phuket or Bangkok for a confidential discussion with one of our labor experts.

Labour Law in Thailand

Compliance Issues

There is the saying that employee’s rights are human rights. Today in Thailand many laborers from across the world and from across Asia are experiencing different forms of exploitation. These would be such as physical, mental, emotional, and financial.  Many are also deprived of their labor rights to earn a satisfactory living wage and work in healthy. This includes safe workplaces as determined by local laws.

Labor Disputes

Today labor disputes are becoming more common. We have heard about closures of certain factories or even a business due to workers striking. This while the employees and at times also the management are in the midst of cooling off period.  Many employees during the labor disputes complain about the conditions of their employment. Also thier fringe benefits, hours of work, tenure, and most commonly the wages.

Labor Court Representation

Labour Court representation is very important when it comes to employee rights.  Take note that every employee has the right to a fair salary in Thailand. This means they should not be paid below the minimum wage as has been set by the Thai government and that they should also not exceed a maximum of 8 hours a day of work. If you need representation then speak to us online or in-person in either Phuket or Bangkok.

 Employment Contract

If you have started a business then you need to ensure that you have an employment contract ready for your staff to sign. We can draft the employment contract for you which you can use for your business. Speak to us today about labor disputes staff contracts and also the labor laws in Thailand.