Marriage & Divorce

If you are looking at Family Law in Thailand then marriage registration and divorce are the most common issued in Thailand. See the full articles for both divorce in Thailand as well as marriage registration. With offices in Phuket and Bangkok and a toll-free number you can speak to us in person or toll-free should you need more information.

•  Thai Marriage Registration

Getting married in Thailand entails a simple and straightforward procedure. This is perhaps the main reason why a lot of foreigners flock to Thailand to get married. Let’s not forget the many allures of Thailand i.e. pristine beaches in the South, peaceful hamlets in the north, majestic temples side by side a pulsating city life in the center, friendly locals and the world renowned delicious Thai food which prove irresistible among couples who are looking for the best marriage destination. The Land of Smiles that is – one of the top wedding destinations in the world.

Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand is often classified into two types of divorce procedures: Divorce by Mutual Consent (very easy to complete) and a Contested Divorce (complex and costly). The divorce by mutual consent is usually completed at the local district office in Thailand where the couple had registered their marriage while the contested divorce is done at the courts.  In either type of Thai divorce you will need a lawyer’s assistance to assist you at the district office or court proceedings. A family lawyer can also draft the necessary agreements needed in a divorce by mutual consent which will govern the couple’s properties, custody of the children, maintenance of the spouse and the like.