Thailand Covid Pass

If you are visiting Thailand then you will need to see the Thailand Covid Pass which has now come into effect. First you have to register and receive your “Thailand Pass”. Contact us for more information if you are not certain about the process or need assistance. 

Thailand Covid Pass

You will need to apply for your “Thailand Pass”. Now in order to do that, you have to upload a number of documents in PNG format. Note that PDF is not allowed and maximum size for the documents are limited to 5 MB per document. Your e-mail address should not be or

What do you need to visit Thailand?

  1. Copy of your passport
  2. Two vaccination certificates
  3. Your Covid insurance policy (more than 50,000 USD coverage)
  4. A SHA+ hotel reservation for the PCR test and associated quarantine (Hyatt does it very well in Bangkok Sukhumvit)

So when done, you will have to pass a PCR test max 72h before departure.

  • At the airline desk, you will have to show all these documents before they give you your boarding pass so you’d better have a print.
  • Upon arrival, they stop you before immigration and check again the Thai Pass and the PCR test : also keep your boarding pass, they ask for it in order to register your seat number.
  • Then you go through Thai immigration with your passport and Thai pass.
  • You pick up your luggages and outside, a representative of your SHA+ hotel is waiting for you.
  • You then take a cab with the driver totally isolated, go for the PCR test through a drive-in and finally arrive at your hotel.
  • There you are conducted to your room and are not allowed to go out, you have no key.

Result for the PCR test takes between 6-8 hours so you cross fingers !


Thailand pass is suspended until further notice


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