Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand

living in thailand

Thinking of moving to Thailand and want to know about living in Thailand? If you are considering living in Thailand then always ensure that you take proper legal advice and assistance before you arrive and invest in the country. There are several legal issues covered on this website.

Thai Business Licenses

If you are going to start a business then certain issues need to be covered before you can open your business in Thailand. Depending on the type of business the licenses need to be in order such as an entertainment license if it is a nightclub or an alcohol license if it is a restaurant and you wish to sell wine and beer. These come from the Entertainment Places Act in Thai law which governs the entertainment venues in Thailand.

Starting a Business in Thailand

Starting a business in Thailand can be very difficult. This page will cover the basics of starting a business and what type of businesses many foreigners in Thailand have started over the years. If you are thinking of buying a bar in Pattaya then again. Always do your homework before you separate yourself from your cash.

Defending a Divorce

Married to a Thai and now being sued for divorce? Speak to our family attorney in Bangkok for assistance as a divorce in Thailand can be very costly and can also take a considerable amount of time. See what you will expect from a divorce in Thailand. There are two types of divorces in the country. The first is an unopposed divorce which goes through the local district office without a court. Then a litigated divorce in the country which has to go through the courts.

Family Law in Thailand

Family law in Thailand is very complex. Adoption in Thailand does occur and is very complex. Divorce and marriage registration in Thailand can be low-cost if you take proper legal advice. Always take legal advice before you agree to anything. Child custody is also covered on this website.

Business in Thailand

What type of business do you wish to start in Thailand. There are several options and different business registration types. Always speak to an attorney in Thailand for sound advice and assistance. Failing to plan properly can be a costly mistake.

Immigration Law

When you living in Thailand then you will also need to look at retirement in Thailand as well as the new retirement rules. There are also those who have married in Thailand and need to see a family lawyer about their marriage registration in Thailand as well as the extension of the marriage visa in Thailand. 

Speak to us online if you are also looking at building a house or buying a condo in Thailand when you decide that living in Thailand is for you.


You can retire in Thailand!

See our immigration lawyer in Thailand today and plan your retirement visa in Thailand and start to retire in Thailand with our assistance. You can also speak to our lawyer in Bangkok for assistance with moving your goods and living the dream in the Kingdom.

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