Thai Marriage Law

This is the Thai marriage law in Thailand. Marriage registration between foreigners are accepted in Thailand, as well as marriage with a foreigner and Thai national. The Kingdom offers wide range of wedding locations wherein most foreigners celebrate with their families, relatives and friends. However, a ceremony done in hotels and resorts, in hometowns and in other destinations may only be deemed as legal binding once it has been registered at the District office.

Thai Marriage Law

Sometimes, the Thailand marriage registration process may also be done and arranged in special locations. It is best to check with the district office nearest your location for this process. This is the Thai marriage law in Thailand.

Guidelines on how a foreigner can register for marriage in Thailand:

First, is to obtain an Affirmation letter from the respective embassy or consulate in Thailand. This document is an embassy-issued document stating that you are Free and eligible for marriage in Thailand. It goes as well with the issuance of passport certification.

Marriage between foreigner to foreigner

  • – Prerequisites for the issuance of Affirmation of Freedom to Marry would differ depending on nationality. Basic requirements would be:
  • – Original Passport with valid immigration stamp
  • – Original divorce document or Death certificate whoever is applicable

Marriage between Foreigner to Thai

Second, embassy-issued documents must be translated to Thai language by a certified translator. Third, is the submission for legalization of documents at the Thai Ministry of foreign Affairs (MFA). Fourth, evaluation process at the MFA and collection of documents after 2 working days from the date of submission. Fifth, is the Thai Marriage registration performed at the local district office. Submission of all the documents needed will be presented at the district office or “Amphur”.

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This process is for the legalities of the marriage and Thai marriage documents will be issued on the same day of registration. And the last part is for these documents be translated into English language and legalized at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs again, for these to be used overseas. Always take proper legal advice when it comes to Thai marriage law in Thailand.

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