US Visa Thailand

This is your US Visas for your Thai Wife / Girlfriend options. The US visa Thailand has several options which we have added below. This can range from the K3 visa as well as the CR1 visa if you are married. There is also the K1 visa if it is for your Thai girlfriend or fiancee. This is your US Visas for your Thai girlfriend options. The American visa Thailand also has the K3 visa as well as the K4 visa. 

The US Visa options are for a US visa for your Thai wife or a fiancé visa for your Thai girlfriend. For Thai nationals, the US visa from Thailand is among the most difficult visas to obtain. Thai’s who want to visit the US for a holiday or employment need to obtain the correct visa before entering the US. This is the US visa from Thailand process.

The type of US visa will depend on what you wish to do in the US. The US Tourist visa has two options. Note that taking your Thai fiancee to the US to get married on a tourist visa will create problems with USCIS and it might be considered to be fraud. Also the American visa from Thailand is explained further. See also the US tourist visa for your Thai girlfriend as well as option for a US visa for your Thai wife. Also see also the US tourist visa for a Thai citizen from Bangkok or Pattaya. 

US Visa Thailand

US Visas for your Thai Wife / Girlfriend

Our firm has a team of US visa experts who can guide you through the US visa application process. Please contact us today for a free consultation. Call us toll-free from the US or if you are in Thailand then walk into any of our offices in Phuket or Bangkok for more information.

Always take proper legal advice before you apply for a US spouse visa from Thailand. See all the options when it comes to the US visa for your Thai wife. The is also the fiancé visa for your Thai girlfriend. There is also the US tourist visa for your Thai wife which you can view. 

If you have a Thai wife then you have the options of the CR1 visa from Thailand or the K3 visa from Thailand. There is also the IR1 visa as another option. You will need to speak to a lawyer about this as each has its own advantages.  If there are children then you will also need to ensure that they have either the K2 visa with your Thai fiancee or a K4 visa with your Thai wife’s spousal visa.

Speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand about this by simply clicking on the chat link at the bottom of the screen. We are one of the better-known law firms in Thailand.

US Visa for a Thai Girlfriend

The most common US visa today is the US tourist visa. This is followed by the  US visa for your Thai girlfriend or fiance visa in Thailand. Each US visa has its requirements as well as how long it takes to process the US visa. Those who have a Thai girlfriend and who have a stepchild will also need to apply for a visa for the minor child. This is called the K-2 visa.

K1 Visa Process

The fiancee visa application from Thailand starts with a petition to USCIS in the US. The documents will need to be filed in the US and depending on where you live in the US will determine at which offices you submit it. You must have all the documents in the correct order as well.

Where certification is required, you will need to ensure that these are met as well. If you complete the original documentation incorrectly it will cause delays. This is as they will send you a letter requesting additional documents and evidence. Most tend to simply allow an immigration expert to manage their case. Delays are inevitable and could result in a visa denial which would be very costly to correct.

Finally, you will also need to ensure that you meet the income requirement for the K1 visa. There is a page related to this on the website called the poverty guidelines for the US visa Those in active armed forces duty have a lower requirement in this regard. You can see the K1 visa financial requirements on the links below.

To ensure that everything takes the least amount of time, with no errors it is best to speak to an immigration lawyer. We at G.A.M. Legal Alliance are one of the very few expatriate law firms in Thailand that specialize in US visa applications. 

US Fiancee Visa

If you had been considering taking your Thai girlfriend back to the USA then there is no better place to start. Here we have covered the very basics of the US K1 Visa in Thailand. 

K2 Visa

Your Thai girlfriend or fiancee who has a child will also have to apply for a K-2 visa with her K-1 visa. You will need to take advice from an immigration lawyer as it can become very complex.

K2 Visa Process

The K-2 visa is a US visa for the child of the K-1 visa applicant. Your step child will apply to go to the US with his/her mother using this visa. The K-2 visa is coupled to the K-1 visa as it is a derivative visa. With moving children across international borders comes its own problems. See the article on kidnapping in Thailand.

If your Thai girlfriend is divorced, you need to know if there is a child custody agreement. If there is then you might require the fathers consent for the K-2 visa. The child also needs to be unmarried and under the age of 21 years of age. You can see the above page on the K-2 visa process and what it entails. As noted before that this is a derivative visa and if the K-1 visa is denied the K-2 visa will also be denied. 

The conditions for the K-2 visa is similar to the main visa, in that the child will need to have their status adjusted with the mother. They will also follow the same rules as their mother when it comes to leaving the US and needing advanced parole before they can leave. Once last issue, is that when your girlfriend goes to the Embassy interview, the child will also need to be taken with. The US Embassy will want to see the child or children themselves.

US Visas for Thai Wife

Firstly there are a number of US visa options in Thailand when you are married. Secondly you can decide what is it that you want and how best to achieve this. Finally you can see the options on each page linked listed below.

What is the difference between the K3 and CR1 visa?

K3 Visa

CR1 Visa

IR1 Visa


Married for less than 2 years

Married for more than 2 years


Conditional Resident

Permanent Resident

 Must apply for employment authorization and a travel permit along with the green card application

Wait 2 years to remove the conditions from her then green card. Then obtain a 10-year permanent resident card.

Obtain her 10-year permanent resident card

K4 (children)

CR2 (Children)

IR2 (Children)


Spouse Visas Compared

K3 visa

Firstly there is the K3 visa which you can apply for in Thailand. You can also see what type of K3 visa questions you may have in the section listed below-called interview questions. You can also see how long to get a K3 visa as there is a timeline for the visa applications. Also note that the K3 visa is for your Thai wife, while the K1 visa is for your Thai girlfriend or fiancee. See also the K-3 visa requirements on this website.

CR1 Visa

Secondly the CR1 visa in Thailand is for a couple who have been married to a US national for less than two years. Once your wife enters the US she will become a conditional permanent resident. She will hence have a conditional green card which has a validity of two years. She will also get a social security card. This condition on the CR1 needs to be removed before it expires. See also the CR1 visa processing time on here.

IR1 Visa

Finally the IR1 visa is another visa for a married couple. The IR1 visa is where you as the US national will sponsor your Thai wife for permanent residency. You will obtain your 10-year permanent resident card. Most people prefer the IR1 visa as it costs less to complete it in Thailand than all the additional costs back in the US.


US Spouse Visa

In brief if you are married to a Thai then you can take her back to the US with a K3 Visa or a CR1 visa. Speak to us about these 2 US spouse visa options for America.

Now in essence the K-4 Visa allows the children of a Thai spouse and a US national to come with his/her parents to the US. In brief a children’s visa.

CR1 Visa

In essence, Thai spouses who have been married a US  citizen for less than two years. He or she can become a lawful permanent resident in the United States. See the visa options available. 

The US Visas for your Thai Wife / Girlfriend are listed. Finally, US IR-1 visa in Thailand allows a US citizen to sponsor his Thai wife for permanent residency in the US.

US Visa Process

The K1 visa financial requirements have been added below so you can see what income is required. There is also the K3 spouse visa requirements for those who are taking their Thai wife back to the US. You can also see the CR1 visa requirements and that you will need to have a Thai marriage certificate. The K-3 visa requirements are also listed on this page. Note that there is also the issues of a US visa denial in Thailand and how to correct this on appeal.

When you have applied for a US fiance visa or a US spouse visa such as a K3 visa then these are the requirements for the US visa in Thailand. Speak to us for more guidance.

US Visa Denial

If you are married to a Thai citizen or engaged to marry and have had a US visa denial then see how to correct this and apply for the visa again. Call us toll-free from the US.

US Visa & Interview

There is a difference in questions when it comes to the interview questions for a US visa. The K3 visa interview questions and the CR1 visa interview would be very similar. This as you are married and you should know each other better than a fiancee. The depth of questing for a visa interview would be different. Now, what to wear for visa interview is an easy answer. Simply dress neatly as if you are going for a job interview. If you are thinking about wearing a jeans for a US visa interview – dont!

US Tourist Visa

Should you be looking at visiting the US for a holiday then speak to us. Taking your Thai fiancee back to the US to stay on this visa could be viewed as fraud.

US Student Visa

If you wish to study in the US then you will need a US student visa. See the requirements if you are applying for the US student visa from Thailand.

Also if you are married to a Thai national or engaged then the visa interview is very important in Thailand. This is much like the Australian visa interview.

US Visas for your Thai Wife / Girlfriend FAQ

Does a Thai passport need a visa for the USA?

Yes, the Thai passport requires a US visa when visiting America. This could be an educational visa, tourist visa for the US from Thailand. This or a marriage visa or fiancee visa for your Thai girlfriend or Thai wife. Speak to our immigration lawyer in Thailand for more information.


You can apply for a US tourist visa for your Thai wife. You cannot however use this to bypass the US spouse visa and US immigration might see it as an attempt at visa fraud. Always apply for the correct visa. She can however obtain a US tourist visa for tourism.


If you are going to get married in the US then your Thai girlfriend will have to apply for a US K1 visa which is the US fiancee visa. It takes about 6 months to obtain the US K1 visa from Thailand for your Thai girlfriend also known as a US fiancee visa from Thailand.


There are a number of options for a US visa for your Thai wife. There is the US K3 visa. There is also the option of a US CR1 visa from Thailand if married for less than 2 years. Also a US IR visa if you have been married for more than two years.


Yes, Thai people can travel to the US with the correct visa. There is the US education visa to study in the US. There is also the US tourist visa for visiting the US as a tourist. Also then the US spouse visa and US fiancee visa is also used for marriage.


The US visa from Thailand that you are going to apply for requires different documents. The US tourist visa for a Thai national needs to show that you will return to Thailand. Property ownership, stable employment and others. Finally the US Fiancee visa for a Thai requires medical, income and more information.


This will depend on how quickly you can gather the documents for a US tourist visa for a Thai. The US fiancee visa and US spouse visa will take a few months to complete. Also the US fiancee visa for a Thai girlfriend is about 6 months in Thailand.


Yes. All Thai citizens need a visa to go to the USA. If you are going for tourism then you will need a US tourist visa for a Thai and if you are married then a US spouse visa for a Thai would be needed.


Yes, however you will need to obtain the correct US Visa for your Thai girlfriend. If it is only to visit then a US Tourist visa for her would be applicable. However if you are going to marry her then a US fiancee visa for your Thai girlfriend would be appropriate.