Board of Investment

Thailand Board of Investment provides many incentives to qualified foreign and local investors as well as investment information and services. Accordingly the basic requirement is that the investment should fall under the promoted activities of BOI. Basically it should facilitate the transfer of technology to the Kingdom and know how to locals.

Board of Investment

Nevertheless the other criteria include the location of the promoted activities and whether these are priorities or not. Speak to an attorney in Thailand for more information and assistance with starting a BOI company in Thailand. In addition, also our business support services in the country. 

Board of Investment Benefits

Tax privileges

For the tax privileges, activities under BOI can benefit from:
– corporate income tax exemption,
– consequently tariff exemption or reduction on import machinery,
– tariff exemption or reduction on import raw material

Non-Tax privileges

For the non-tax privileges, activities under BOI can benefit from:
– permission to own land,
– consequently permission to bring a foreign expert to work on the promoted projects,
– exemption on foreign ownership of companies,
– exemption from work permit and visa rules

The activities eligible for the BOI privileges are listed in 7 categories

– Agriculture and Agricultural Products,
– Additionally mining, Ceramics and Basic Metals,
– Light Industry,
– Metal Products, Machinery and Transport Equipment,
– Additionally electronic Industry and Electric Appliances,
– Chemicals, Paper, and Plastics,
– Services and Public Utilities.

Each of these categories is divided into special activities.

Accordingly a minimum level of investment capital (excluding the cost of land and working capital) of one million baht shall be required for all types of activities eligible for the promotion.

Additionally for more details about the eligible activities and the conditions (particularly whether your activity is considered as a priority activity or not), you can contact us or have a look on the Thailand Board of Investment website:

8 Steps to BOI Approval

Step 1

Firstly thorough consultation with the client

Step 2

Secondly liaise with the relevant Thai Government Offices to seek guidance in setting up a BOI company that suits the objectives and location of the client’s business. These include the required documents, process, time frame and relevant government fees.

Step 3

Provide the client with a list of required documents and inform them about estimated time frames.

Step 4

Prepare the application papers and supporting documents and submit the application to the BOI office for its consideration.

Step 5

Review the clients’ project presentation in advance with the assistance of the BOI contact person if necessary prior to confirming their appointment with the BOI committee

Step 6

Accompany the client for the project presentations

Step 7

Follow-up with the BOI concerning the whereabouts of the application or should they require further documentation and information.

Step 8

Update the client concerning developments of the BOI application.

Step 9

Finally we translation of BOI certificate into English