US K2 Visa in Thailand

The US K2 Visa in Thailand allows children of a K1 Fiancée Visa holder to enter the United States. This while waiting for an immigrant visa to be available for them. To be eligible for this type of visa. The applicant should be an unmarried child of the K1 Visa applicant holder. They should be under 21 years old as well. Children of a fiancée have the chance to obtain a K2 Visa from the parent’s fiancée petition.

US K2 Visa in Thailand

The US national who is petitioning is mandated to include the names of the children in the I-129F petition. Once the Thai fiancée and the American national is married, the children of the fiancée are required to obtain a separate Application to Register Permanent Residence (Form I-485) or commonly known as an Adjustment of Status.

The children can choose whether to accompany the K-1 parent or join the K-1 parent in a span of one year from the date of issue. If the children choose to bypass the one year limit, then a separate immigrant visa petition will be necessary. For the child to qualify for the K2 Visa, the child is required to be single. The marriage between the Thai fiancée and the US national should happen before the child reaches the age of 21.

The US K2 Visa in Thailand brings many advantages. You can opt to live in the United States with your parent until she marries the US national. A K-2 visa holder can apply for work documents or the EAD by completing and submitting the Form I-765.

See also: The K2 visa as well as the K4 visa and the adjustment of status. The IR1 visa is also listed with the CR1 visa as well as the US medical exams

The holder of this type of visa is also allowed to study in the United States and apply for permanent residency as soon as the K-1 Visa holder is married to the US national. If you have any other questions about the US K2 Visa from Thailand then speak to us online or on our toll-free numbers.

Although, there have been some issues with this type of visa. The holder may not be able to change to another non-immigrant status or enter a country if he or she has previous immigration violations, which temporarily or permanently bars him or her from the United States.

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