Business Support

Business support services in Thailand. In terms of starting a business in Thailand, the Kingdom of Thailand ranks very high in terms of ease of doing business in the country compared to the neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Laos. If you have never done business in Thailand then it would be most prudent to seek the assistance of a legal expert in Thai corporate law to guide you through the process of business registration, registering your business for tax, and social security.

Business Support

You will note that in Thailand business registration is conducted in the Thai language and it is always best that you seek and also obtain the services of a lawyer in Thailand to liaise with the different government agencies. See also how to change a company address in Thailand. 

Starting a Business

Setting Up a Thai Company

If you are going to start a business in Thailand then speak to us about registering your company in Thailand. If you are going to start a business in Thailand then this is where it starts. 

company registration in thailand

If you are a foreign company needed an office in Thailand then you need to register a representative office. You will need to see what is allowed and what is not allowed in Thailand.

Thai Investment

Treaty of Amity

If you are an American then you can still own your Thai business 100% under the US Thai Treaty of Amity.See what you are allowed and how the Treaty of Amity is implemented. 

Board of Investment

If you are a business looking to invest in Thailand in certain industries then the Thai Board of Investment is a good option.See what the conditions.

Thailand Licence

TAT License

If you are in the tourist industry such as a tour operator in Thailand then you need to have a TAT license to operate in Thailand. See the conditions for the TAT license. 

entertainment license

Considering a nightclub, bar or entertainment complex then you will need an entertainment license to operate.Always ensure that when you start a business that you are in the right. 



If you are starting a business in Thailand then you need to register your company for taxes and conduct proper accounting. Speak to us today for more information. 

Thai Business Visa - Multiple Entry

Setting up an offshore company for tax purposes can be useful today. Thailand is an option for the Asian region. See the full article on how this works.