Increase in Capital in a Thai Company

Let’s explain the Increase in Capital in a Thai Company process. If you have registered a company in Thailand and wondering how to register a company in Thailand then see the other articles on this website for an explanation. Increase in the share capital is another process in Thailand as you want to increase the paid up capital of a company. The process can be complex however you can call us for assistance in doing the process for you as explained below.

Increase in Capital in a Thai Company

When you registered the company in Thailand you would have listed the authorized capital of the company. This is the limit that was set at registration. Paid-up capital on the other hand is the actual amount of money that the shareholders have contributed by payment to have shares in the company with a voting right.

Capital Increase Registration Procedures

 Increasing the capital in the company hence requires that you file an application to the registrar in Thailand for this increase in capital.

– You need to publish an advertisement in the local newspaper; and

– Also you will need to send an invitation letter to the Shareholders for the Extraordinary Meeting;

– You need to do this within 14 days before the meeting date which has been set;

– As well you need to prepare all the documents for an increase in the capital;

– You need to ensure that all documents have been signed by the Company director;

– Also register the increase in paid-up capital within 14 days from the date of the meeting.

Methods and Documents

Capital Increase Methods

There are a number of ways of increasing company capital. This can be by issuing more shares or by increasing the value of the shares in the company. You will need to have a plan for the increase or to speak to the lawyer about the best way of increasing the capital.

Capital Increase Documents needed

The procedure to increase the capital of the company normally takes about 3 weeks to complete. If you have all the documentation ready. The government fee is 5,500THB for every 1million THB in the capital increase. The lawyer doing the application will normally require the following documents from the company:

– Company Affidavit;

– The copy of the Director’s ID card;

– Copy of the Company’s shareholders list (BOJ.5);

– Details on the increase of capital and how this will be done and the amount increased.

With offices in Phuket and in Bangkok, we will be able to assist you with an increase in capital application for your company. Call us in Thailand Mondays to Fridays for advice. You can also walk into any of our offices for a confidential discussion about your company setup and how best to increase your capital in the company.

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