Family Law

Thai Family Law is governed by the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand mainly being in Section 5. This section in Thai law governs all family related issues in Thailand. This is an important section within Thai law which includes the laws related to getting married; getting divorced and it also covers child adoption which is not very common in Thailand. Any foreigner who is contemplating getting married in Thailand or adopting a Thai child would best be served by speaking to a Thai lawyer.

Thai Marriage Law

marriage in thailand

If you are getting married in Thailand then your marriage needs to be registered at the local District Office or Amphur to be valid. If you are a Muslim and wish to marry in Thailand then an Islamic marriage can be arranged and registered. Protecting your property in Thailand and abroad with a prenuptial agreement is also an option. Notice that you will need a letter of affirmation. These are British as well as Canadian, Australian and American. Speak to our family lawyer about this option.

Child Custody & Litigation

Child Custody

If you are getting divorced or are already divorced then you need to seek advice on child custody and also alimony. This can become very complex across international borders. Litigation can be expensive in Thailand and cases involving family law can take months to complete. Child legitimisation for illegitimate children can also be done.

Divorce in Thailand

thai divorce

Getting Divorced
Grounds for Divorce
Divorce by Consent

If you are getting divorced in Thailand then you need to speak to an attorney in Thailand for advice and support. There are a number of options when getting divorced in Thailand such as a litigated divorce or a divorce by consent. There are also issues of property and child custody.

Family Law Litigation

Family Law in Thailand

Child Custody Mediation

You will need to speak to our family lawyer if you are considering litigation during a divorce or child custody. Islamic divorce in Thailand is also very unique and there are few expatriate law firms who do this type of litigation. Mediation is also available for those who do not wish to litigate in custody or divorce disputes. Adoptions are also managed by our firm.