Thai Retirement Visa

If you are considering retiring in Thailand then see how the Thai retirement visa works. Many consider that Thailand has much to offer and retirement in Thailand makes sense. The visa is also known as the OA visa Thailand. This has very much become the trend amongst those retiring foreigners. They tend to be looking for a great retirement destination without having to spend much? Thailand has all the amenities of a retirement paradise for many. This is the reason why foreign retirees flock here each year. See more on the Thailand retirement visa below. Speak also to our Thai immigration lawyer.

Thai Retirement Visa

When you consider retiring in Thailand with its warm climate all year round. You should consider all the retirement locations in Thailand. There are those who wish to live in the North in places such as Chiang Mai. The mountainous region has much to offer with a large expat community. Central Thailand with Bangkok has the nightlife, medical facilities and shopping options. To the South there is Pattaya, that never sleeps with a lively nightlife second to none. If live music and entertainment is what you are looking for then Pattaya has all that.

Further South is Hua Hin which also has a large expat community. These tend to own to rent housing and also tend to be foreign couples. If you are looking at the Thai retirement visa for married couple then read further. The East of Thailand is popular with those who wish to live close to the in-laws. These are mainly rural towns or cities. If you are married to a Thai national then the non immigrant o visa Thai spouse is a good read.

Thai Retirement Visa

As for the locals, their charming smiles put you at ease. Their friendliness is world-renowned prompting outsiders to call the country the Land of Smiles. Their sabai-sabai mindset or the relaxed way of doing things is just perfect for retirees. To enjoy your retirement days. As for the food, local cuisine is a global gastronomic favorite. It’s because it is healthy and delicious- just the kind of food you should be eating. On top of all these, the above comes at an affordable cost. Making your retirement savings here is well spent while on a Thailand retirement visa.

Retirement visa in Thailand

The retirement visa for Thailand is further explained. To retire in Thailand you will need to start with the retirement application forms. The process starts with your application in order to stay. This application to stay has to be done annually. If you are looking at living in Thailand for an extended period of time, or retire permanently. Then you will have to understand that this is an annual process. This is called the Non-Immigrant O-A Visa in Thailand.

To be able to apply for a retirement visa, you have to meet the following requirements. Depending on the required documents that you have completed. You may apply for this from the Embassy from your home country. While in Thailand on a tourist visa or marriage visa you can convert this inside Thailand at Thai immigration. You will note that its takes 3 weeks to complete the process. You will need to have all your documents ready once it has been granted. See further on this page the requirements for the retirement visa in Thailand

Thai Retirement Visa Requirements

If you are looking at the Thai retirement visa for married couples then speak to us for further assistance. In order to stay in Thailand you will need to meet the requirements. These do change and have changed with updated requirements every other year. You can start the process of retirement either at the Thai Embassy in your country, or in Thailand with a different visa. See the visa requirements and time limits when it comes to converting your current visa. 

Age Requirement – You should be 50 years old or older at date of application;

Financial Requirement – The following financial requirement to be completed.:

(a) A deposit of THB 800,000 in a local bank account; or

(b) A monthly income/pension of not less than THB 65,000; or

(c) Combination of savings deposit and yearly income

The (a) option is what everyone does and is also the easiest to complete. You will need to have this in a Thai bank for at least 3 months before you make the application. The bank will need to provide a letter in this regards as well as an updated Thai bank book for you. Note that when you are converting from another Thai visa to the retirement visa that the 3 month deposit condition has to be met. 

Police Clearance *

Medical Certificate *

* required when the application has been applied for directly from the embassy or consulate overseas.

Thai Visa (Forms)

If you are considering retirement here then below you will find several issues that have been covered on this website. If you need more information then call us or speak to us online. Completing the retirement forms is important as information left out will create a delay in the application process.

These are the retirement forms. You will speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand for more information. There are forms and processes for this and it does change. Check if there are changes to the requirements as well as forms for retirement before you apply. You can also find the Thailand 10-year visa on here. 

Thai Retirement Visa Form

When you retire you will need to complete all the needed forms. These are both for your first application as well as when you renew it each year at the immigration office in your region. 

Retirement Medical Certificate

With retirement in Thailand, you need to meet the minimum financial requirements. This has been set out by immigration. This for a new application or a renewal application while here.

Thai retirement visa (Process)

Note the changes to the retirement requirement in Thailand. You will need to speak to an immigration lawyer about these changes and how they might affect you. Below you will find the retirement requirements as well as converting a Thai tourist to a retirement visa.

Retirement Visa Requirements

With retirement here dont forget that, you need to meet the minimum financial requirements. This has been set out by immigration. This for a new application or a renewal application in country.

Converting Tourist to a Retirement

This is the process for converting your tourist to a retirement in country. The process can become complicated so seek legal advice before you convert your status. Take proper advice.

Retirement visa in Thailand (Medical)

As for the medical, the government worries about illnesses such as late-stage syphilis. Since this creates problems in country. As you know a work permit needs a syphilis check. You need to provide a medical certificate from a local hospital for this. Our immigration lawyers will assist you with a checklist. This to ensure that you provide all the correct documents and tests for the immigration process.

Retirement Medical Certificate

When you retire in Thailand you need to obtain a medical certificate for your retirement application. See the requirements for the medical certificate acceptable in Thailand. 

Retirement Police Clearance

What you need when you renew your retirement status in Thailand. The process for a new application is as difficult as a renewal as all the documents are the same. 

Retirement visa Renewal

The OA visa is valid for a year but you can renew it by presenting the same requirements the first time you applied. It’s prudent to replenish the funds in your bank account at least 3 months before your status expires to be able to renew your status. Take note that on the renewal, the deposit term for the funds is 3 months not two months as the case during the first application. See also the Thai notary public on here.


Thai Retirement Visa for Foreign Married Couple

The Thai retirement visa for married couples is explained next. Retirement holders who have spouses and who would like to stay with them here. They may be able to obtain a Non-Immigrant O or a Dependent Visa provided that the spouse is not 50 years old or order. Such a spouse is required to obtain retirement status. See also the UK visa for a Thai wife on here if you are moving home.


Retirement Options (Thai Spouse)

These are the basic requirements for the OA visa. As noted above you need to be 50 years or older when you apply as they will check that you have met the age requirement. For the financial requirements, you need to prove that you have 800,000 THB in a local bank account. You can show an income of 65,000THB per month as well as an option.

This can be a pension and you must get this document from your Embassy in Bangkok. If you do not qualify but you are married to a local then you can apply for a marriage visa. This gives you 12 months in in country but with a lower financial requirement.

Renewal of your Retirement Visa

What you need when you renew your retirement status in Thailand. The process for a new application is as difficult as a renewal as all the documents are the same. 

Thai Dependent Visa

You can apply for the  dependent if you have an extended one in Thailand. This if you want a foreign dependent who can come and live with you in Thailand. 

Maintaining your Retirement

Long term holders like OA visa holders. You are required to notify the Immigration Office every 90 days with your addresses in country. This can be completed by mail or by personal visit to the Immigration Office. You may enlist the services of a competent person to do this on your behalf through a Power of Attorney. You are not required to report if you are not in the country when the 90-day report is due.

If you plan to travel in and out of the country within a year. It’s advised that you obtain a multiple-entry visa. If you plan to stay here the whole time a single entry will do. But, in case you would need to leave the country for any reason then you would need to apply for a re-entry permit. This at the nearest Immigration Office before leaving the country. This way your status won’t get canceled.

90-day Reporting

This is another requirement in maintaining your OA visa. You would need to notify the nearest Immigration office concerning your residence every 90 days. Ensure that you report every 3 months.

Re-entry permits in Thailand

As noted you need to apply for a re-entry permit. If you have an extended marriage or extended OA visa in Thailand. Without the re-entry permit, you will cancel it when you leave Thailand.

Living in Thailand

If you have any questions about living here then speak to us when you apply for your OA visa. We will be able to assist you with shipping information. The cost of living if you have not retired in Thailand. There are several issues to consider when you retire here. If you have any questions about living here then speak to us when you apply for your retirement status. We will be able to assist you. These include but are not limited to the following:

Note that retirees are not allowed to work and generate an income in Thailand.

Re-entry permits in Thailand

Moving here once you have retired you might need to navigate Customs. If you are going to be bringing in any goods from your home country. This is a basic overview of the immigration process when moving here.

Living Will in Thailand

You can consider the option of having a living will be completed in Thailand for you. The living will is not the same as the last will and testament. Speak to us about your options with the living will in Thailand.

Last Will and Testament

Once you have retired in Thailand then it is best to prepare your estate while in Thailand. In the event of an accident where you cannot decide anything for yourself or on your death.

Applying for a Drivers License

If you are going to buy a car while here. You will need to apply for a driver’s license in Thailand. The procedure can become complicated if you do not understand it. Speak to us about this as well. 

Opening a Bank Account in Thailand

If you are moving here then it is important to have a local bank account. You will need to show that you can meet the requirements of the OA visa in Thailand. Speak to us about a bank account when you apply for an OA visa.

Thai Visa Services

When applying for retirement in Thailand it can prove to be a daunting task. This when collecting and following all the required documents and procedures. If you wish to proceed with the application hassle-free. It would be best to enlist the services of a law firm to assist you with the application. Call us today toll-free or speak to us online about your retirement in Thailand.

You can walk into our offices in Bangkok for more information about your retirement plans in Thailand. The application called a pensioner or retirees visa by many in Asia does change from time to time. So check with our law firm. The pensioner or retirees option as it is known to many is for retirement in Thailand. Though the pensioner or retirees option are not the correct names.