Thai Business Visa – Multiple Entry

Want to know more about the Thai Business Visa – Multiple Entry in Thailand. If you are going to start a business in Thailand then you will need to apply for a Thailand business visa. There are two options for this visa. There is a single-entry 90-day visa and also a 12-month multiple-entry business visa. It has become very difficult to obtain a visa for Thailand as no Thai embassy issues a multiple entry visa in Asia without very good reason.

Thai Business Visa (Single Entry)

With the correct documents, you can get a single entry 90-day business visa. This at a Thai embassy in Asia or in your home country. Depending on the reason for the visa you will need additional documents for the visa. If you intend to teach in Thailand. You need a letter from your school or university, a copy of your resume, and also a copy of your qualifications.

If it is not for a teaching position you will require an invite from a Thai company. This needs to be attached to your application form stating the purpose of the visa application. This could either be employed or as a business guest of the company.

Thai Business Visa (Multiple Entry)

The multiple entry visa has become very difficult to obtain. Most of the applications for a multiple entry visa would be at the invite of a Thai company. The visa has 4 ‘legs’ each valid for 90 days. It is in reality 4 X single entry visa. Before each leg expires (before the 90 days are up) you need to leave Thailand. When you return to Thailand it will activate the next 90 days of your stay.

Most business visas in Thailand are used by businessmen who enter and leave Thailand on a regular basis. This while conducting business and cuts down on the need to apply for a visa each time. The visa allows you to stay in Thailand for up to 90 days. This before the next 90 days need to be activated. If you are doing business in the region like many do then this is a very useful visa to have. Consider the Thai Business Visa – Multiple Entry options.

Thai Business Visa (Questions)

Can you work in Thailand on a Business Visa?

No, many confuse a Thai work permit with a visa as many refer to it as a Thai work visa which it is not. You can however use the visa to apply for a work permit in Thailand once you have the visa.

Can you change employment using the same business visa?

Most companies prefer to simply send you to a Thai Embassy in Asia. This to obtain a new visa which has been issued with a letter from them.

Does my work permit expire with my business visa?

Yes, the business visa for Thailand is normally issued for 90 days. During this time you need to apply for a work permit for Thailand. If you have been hired for 1 year then the business visa will also be extended to the expiration date of your work permit. Should you leave your employment and return the work permit then you need to leave the country as returning the work permit also cancels your visa.

The Thai business visa does not require you to complete the 90 days report online as it has not been extended into a work permit. The Thailand work permit cost is another issue and as to who pays for this. Most times the company pays for this in Thailand. If you are going to a work permit then a criminal record Thailand check will need to be done and takes about one month. For those who always ask how to open Thai bank account with a Tourist visa or can I get a Thai drivers licence on a tourist visa. You will be able to do this with a work permit or an extended one year visa.  

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