Off Shore Companies

Off-shore companies have historically been popular with investors world-wide seeking business tax exemption. More importantly, such companies also offer freedom of operations, confidentiality and ease of running a business. Generally, there is little paperwork, no hassles with filings and annual audits.

Off Shore Companies

Investors are aware that increased international banking scrutiny has occurred in the past few years, so selection of the best jurisdiction for your off-shore company is critical. Depending on your needs, we might recommend a company in the Seychelles; Belize; or Brunei for their tax exemptions and ease of operations. Other options, including Hong Kong, Nevada (USA), the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the U.K. can be discussed in our initial meeting.

Our professional fees are competitive, and generally include an initial legal fee for incorporation, plus an annual fee to maintain the registration and fulfill annual administrative reports, where applicable.

Offshore Bank Accounts

The off-shore company can then establish a bank account which will give the investor maximum flexibility and tax advantage. In some few cases, the off-shore account paperwork can be completed and signed in Bangkok, without the need for the client to travel overseas. Check our adviser for details.

GAM Legal Alliance retains a specialist adviser in off-shore companies to insure a prompt and professional service. In most cases, the off-shore company can be set up in one business day; and the corresponding bank account will generally require about 7-14 days for approval.