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US Fiancée Visa in Thailand

US Fiancée Visa in Thailand

The US Fiancée Visa in Thailand is explained below. This is also called the K1 visa in Thailand. If you are a US citizen who is looking at bringing your Thai fiancée to the United States for the purpose of marriage, you may apply for a petition for her through the US K-1 Fiancee Visa. This type of visa allows your fiancée to come to the United States to get married with you, and provide your foreign fiancée a 90-day stay in the country. You must get married with your foreign fiancée within the given period to be able to adjust her immigration status.

US Fiancée Visa in Thailand

The US K1 Visa has the shortest processing time among the other US immigrant visa categories, making it more attractive among others that would take almost two years to complete. Also, minor children of the US K1 Visa applicant can be included in the application as derivatives.

The US petitioner should be a US national either by birth or naturalization, and has to be earning enough to be able to provide accommodation for the foreign fiancée once she is in the United States. Both the US national and foreign applicant should be free to marry, and should have met each other personally prior to the application. They should be able to prove that their relationship is genuine and mutual.

After gathering all the document requirements, the USCIS packet can then be prepared using the collected documents. The petition packet should then be submitted to the appropriate application center, which is determined by the petitioner’s area of residence in the United States. The USCIS processes the application for a period of three months, and when approved, it notifies the National Visa Center, which in turn notifies the US Embassy in Bangkok regarding the approved petition.

The embassy then notifies the applicant with the details regarding the document to be submitted, including the date of the interview. These documents include proof of relationship, medical test and police report, proof of being single, among others. The visa applicant can then submit the visa application and attend the interview, wherein a visa would then be issued within the next few days as advised by the visa officer. The US Fiancée Visa in Thailand starts with you.


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