UK Spouse Visa for Thai

The UK Spouse Visa for Thai in Thailand. This allows married partners of British nationals or permanent residents to immigrate to the United Kingdom. Once the marriage has been registered in Thailand. You are eligible to apply for a UK Spouse Visa for your Thai wife. A UK Spouse Visa allows you to bring your wife back to the United Kingdom. This with legal permission to work once completing all the paperwork. This is the marriage visa for the UK. See the UK spouse visa requirements below. 

UK Spouse Visa for Thai

The visa can be applied for as soon as the civil marriage certificates has been issued and legalized. This by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All documents aren’t in English shall be translated into English prior submission the visa application.

Obtaining your UK Spouse Visa for your foreign or Thai spouse will be processed at the UKVI in Sheffield. The whole processing time really depends on the volume of UK Visa applications in Thailand are received by the UKVI, mostly the normal process takes 3 months evaluation. This again to ensure that the UK spouse visa requirements have been met.

UK Spouse Visa Eligibility Requirements:


– If both parties should be aged 18 years or older;

– Both parties should have met each other in person and legally married prior to the application;

– Also if both husband and wife should intend to live together permanently;

– The British petitioner should be able to meet the minimum financial requirements;

For those married to a British national, you may be given a probationary period of two years and nine months for your UK Spouse Visa. If found married and living together at the end of that given period, you will then be eligible to apply for the Leave to Remain – giving you further stay of two years and six months.

See also: The UK fiancee visa as well as the UK spouse visa other then the UK tourist visa

If both of you are still together for a period of five years or more inside the United Kingdom and still able to meet the requirements. You will then be able to apply for the Indefinite Leave to Remain which means permanent residency in the United Kingdom. Always speak to a lawyer about the marriage visa for the UK.

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