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US IR-1 Visa in Thailand

US IR-1 Visa in Thailand

The US IR-1 Visa in Thailand is very common in Thailand. After being married for more than two years, the foreign spouse of a US national may transition to an Immediate Relative Spouse Visa or US IR-1 Visa. This type of visa gives the couple a more permanent status and does not include a validity period. The main requirement in applying for the US IR-1 Visa is that the couple should be legally married. They should have a marriage certificate to prove it as well, including other supporting documents such as wedding photos, receipts from the wedding, etc.

US IR-1 Visa in Thailand

This is required as to prevent fake marriages to push through, as some people do it for the purpose of obtaining a green card. For couples who are just living together, it is not considered as marriage under the United States laws and regulations. Also, one of the spouses should be a US national with a valid address within the United States, and can support the foreign spouse financially until both of them can financially support themselves.

The process of application for the US IR-1 Visa in Thailand is quite similar to other family-based visas. It starts with the US national’s petition for the foreign spouse to the USCIS. Once the petition is approved, the foreign spouse should apply to a US Embassy or Consulate in Thailand. The application process starts within the United States, have the petition approved in order for the foreign spouse to begin applying for a visa at the US Embassy.

The petition can be done by filing for the Petition for Foreign Relatives, which should be filed by the US national and then submitted to the USCIS wherein there is a subsequent fee to be paid to process the petition. The petition then goes to the Department of Homeland Security and processed within a couple of months. The US national will be notified about the status when the process is completed. If the petition is denied, the USCIS will notify you and let you know the reason your application was denied.

If the petition is approved, it will go directly to the National Visa Center. The NVC will be your direct contact for the US IR-1 Visa. They will send a package with all the information and invoice ID number which is used to begin the application from the US Embassy or Consulate from the home country of the foreign spouse. Speak to our lawyers about your US IR-1 Visa in Thailand.


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