US CR-1 Visa in Thailand

As can be seen this is the US CR-1 Visa in Thailand. Firstly if a US national has been married for less than two years when the foreign spouse becomes a permanent resident in the United States. Secondly the foreign spouse being your Thai wife  will get residence on a conditional basis.

This under the US CR1 Visa (Conditional Residence). Finally note that this type of visa is valid for up to two years from the date of entry. Within 90 days before the expiration of the two years residency period. The couple must apply to the USCIS the removal of the condition to the residency.

US CR-1 Visa in Thailand

There are several types of visa that can be applied for. This under the category of Immigrant visa for foreign spouse of a US national. The other option aside from the US CR-1 is usually the K-3 visa. The US K3 and US CR-1 visas differ in the timeline for the whole process of application. if you want to bring your spouse to the United States sooner, the US K-3 route is your best option – as the process takes several months faster than the US CR-1 visa application. Note that this is not an IR1 visa from Thailand.

For those intended to obtain a green card for their foreign spouse. You will have to consider the time needed for the removal of conditional status. Under the US CR1 visa, the foreign spouse immediately acquires legal permanent residency upon arrival in the United States. US CR1 visa holder is granted the privilege to seek employment in the United States. This without the need to secure a work authorization as with the K-1 visa holders.

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Gathering and preparing all the document requirements for the US CR-1 visa application. This can become quite overwhelming and complicated. Applicants of this type of visa can be somewhat apprehensive about the outcome of their visa application, as they have invested to this money, effort and time. Speak to us about your US CR-1 Visa in Thailand. Lastyl also see the article on  Declaration of Financial Support as well as the  Petition for Alien Relative as well. 


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