US Visa Requirements

The US Visa requirements must be met when it comes to the poverty line. If you are applying for a US visa in Thailand then you need to ensure that you meet the financial requirements of the K1 visa from Thailand and also the K-3 visa requirements. In order to qualify for the US visa, you need to exceed the poverty guidelines and need to meet at least 125% of the poverty guidelines for the visa. The table below is the 2014 guidelines that are being used by the USCIS for visa applications. Note also that if you are in the active US Armed Forces you only need to make the poverty line as listed below. This is the same for the CR1 visa as well as the IR visa from Thailand. They are all that is on offer when you are looking for an American visa in Thailand.

US Visa Requirements

The US Visa requirements have been listed in the table below. The USCIS will normally look at 3 tax returns to assess the financial abilities of the sponsor being you who is sponsoring his Thai wife or Thai fiancée to the US. If you do not meet the requirements they will also look at stocks, bonds, and any real estate which you might own for equity in the property and use this to help assess your financial abilities.

The following figures are the 2014 HHS poverty guidelines which are scheduled to be published in the Federal Register on April 1, 2021. (Additional information will be posted after the guidelines are published.)

Sponsor’s Household Size100% of HHS Poverty Guidelines*125% of HHS Poverty Guidelines*
 For sponsors on active duty in the U.S. armed forces who are petitioning for their spouse or childFor all other sponsors
 Add $4,540 for each additional personAdd $5,675 for each additional person


US Visa Requirements FAQ

Can a US Citizen Sponsor a Non-Relative?

In general, a US citizen cannot directly sponsor a non-relative for a visa. However, you can have a friend act as a co-sponsor as part of the affidavit of support. If you, as the primary sponsor, do not meet the financial requirements for the US visa from Thailand, your brother or friend could assist as a co-sponsor for the visa.

Why Would a US Visa Be Denied?

A US visa can be denied for various reasons, such as incomplete documents. The authorities will specify the grounds for denial, allowing you to appeal the decision if you can correct the issue. If the denial is due to financial reasons, you can inquire about using a co-sponsor for the visa application.

How Much Income Do You Need to Sponsor My Thai Wife?

The financial requirements for a US visa vary based on the State you live in. Typically, you need to have an income 125% over the poverty line to sponsor your Thai wife. Active military personnel are considered to be at the poverty line level. If your income falls short, you can also use the equity in your property as part of your income to meet the requirements.