UK Tourist Visa for a Thai National

If you need a UK tourist visa for a Thai national then read further. The UK Tourist visa is intended for a Thai or any foreign national to travel to the United Kingdom for a holiday, to be able to experience the diverse culture and way of life as well. If you have a Thai partner, this process helps in making sure that your Thai partner fits comfortably in the United Kingdom prior to make marriage plans.

UK Tourist Visa for a Thai National

This visa is purely intended for allowing your Thai partners to visit the United Kingdom . This is not for permanently residing in the country. The Tourist Visa can be applied for a 6 months, or 2 years, 5 years and 10 years. The latter provides you with 6 months inside the United Kingdom in any one year.

For those awarded with the 6 month Tourist Visa. Your Thai partner should return to Thailand for 6 months after spending 6 months in the United Kingdom prior to reapplication. Read further on the UK  Visa for a Thai National on other pages of this website. 

You should be able to return to Thailand once your trip ended . This as you stated the returning date to Thailand in your application. This way, the British Embassy will not assume. That your visa is being used to be able to stay longer in the country.

For a successful UK Tourist Visa application. You need to see to it that your documentation, preparation and overall impact are perfect. All documents which are not in English must be translated into English. This prior  to submission the visa application. You must prove to the British embassy officer. That you are genuine and your intentions to visit are real. More often, Thai applicants are assumed to be poor in Thailand and may not have an intention to return. Therefore, presentation of the visa application is a very important aspect in obtaining a UK Tourist visa.

See also: The UK fiancee visa as well as the UK spouse visa other then the UK tourist visa. 

It is highly recommended to hire legal assistance. This as the British Embassy does appreciates proper presentation of documents, as you may be abroad while your partner is in Thailand.

Contact us in you need a UK tourist visa for a Thai national in Thailand.

Travel in Thailand

If you are going to travel abroad then speak to us about your foreign visa from Thailand. Many Thai people visit the UK and require a UK tourist visa. Note that you should not use this visa in place of the UK fiancee visa. Always apply for the proper visa. 

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