UK Visitors Visa

UK Visitors Visa

The UK visitors visa is for those Thai nationals who wish to visit the United Kingdom for tourism or to visit family and friends. This is the most common UK visa from Thailand and one of a handful of UK visas for Thai nationals. You will need to ensure that you have met the requirements for the UK visitor visa. This visa will allow you to visit the UK for a maximum of 6 months. This is the UK visa for Thai citizen.

This UK visitors visa does not allow you to work in the UK or to generate an income while there. You will also note that you cannot use this visa for any other purpose. If you are going to get married then you should not let your Thai fiancee arrive in Britain with a tourist visa but with a fiancee visa for the UK. Should you require an extension while in the United Kingdom you will need to apply at the the UK Border Agency or the Home Office and apply for an extension of stay based on your compelling circumstances.

The visa requirements for the UK visitors visa is very strict. The first application will always be difficult, however the following applications tend to be easier. Ensure that you can provide compelling evidence that you will return to Thailand. If you have been deported from the UK before then you are not likely going to obtain a visitors visa. If you are visiting friends then a visa sponsor would be advantages, if not then showing stable employment and assets in Thailand will help with the application. 

UK Visitors Visa

UK Visitor Visa : Requirements

What you can and cannot do on a UK visitors visa from Thailand

Being the most common UK visa for a Thai national, you will need to know what you can and cannot do while holding this visa. The most common use of the visa is for tourism. Many Thai nationals visit the United Kingdom each year to see the countryside of Britain as well as to see what the UK has to offer in terms of entertainment. There are also many expats who have moved back home. This as well as Thai people who have moved to the UK. Visiting friends has also become more common. 

The visitors visa also allows you to attend meetings while in the UK. This is not employment, as many visit to have a business meeting or to view property. There are also a number of people who attend trade fairs as well as those who carry out site visits when buying property as well as inspecting the property. If you are the PA of a director visiting the UK then being employed in Thailand you can also enter the UK on a visitors visa for a meeting. Speak to our immigration lawyer Thailand for more information on what is allowed. 

Many in Thailand also apply for a UK visitors visa or tourist visa from Thailand as part of a school exchange programme. These have become more common from private schools in Bangkok who do short student exchange programs. You can also use this visa to attend to a recreational course of up to 30 days. This is not an educational course where you would need a student visa. A recreational course would be as an example a dance course shorter than 30 days. See also the UK visa for Thai spouse as well as the UK visa for Thai girlfriend, but do not use the UK tourist visa.

Financial Requirements

As the visa applicant in Thailand, you would have to show the following as your ties to Thailand which gives the British government the assurance as well as the visa officer in Bangkok that you are coming back after your allowed visit in the United Kingdom.

  • Stable employment

You will need to show that you have stable employment in Thailand. This would normally be your salary slip as well as showing how long your have been employed at the company. Normally this would be much easier for  long time Thai government employees who wish to visit the UK. Even then you will need to show that you are employed and that you will return to Thailand after your visit. 

  • Assets and Properties

It would also be advantages to show that you own your house or condo in Thailand. This would also show that you will return to Thailand. This can be a mortgage bond on a property or the title deed on your property in your name. These fixed assets will make it easier to obtain the UK visitors visa. See the UK visa for Thai wife on here as well.

  • Savings

If you have savings in a Thai bank account, you can also use this in addition to above to show that you will return. Having stable employment and owning a property while having savings. This will make it easier to obtain your UK visa from Thailand. You can view the savings in your Thai bank account as in addition to the stable employment or property ownership.

What will you be doing in the UK?

  • Copy of Itinerary

You will need to have an itinerary of your visit to the UK. You should be able to tell them what you are going to do in the UK. If you have booked hotel tickets online then you can also submit copies of these. Many Thai people tend to book travel packages and you can submit this if you have bought a travel package. If you are going to visit friends, then a sponsorship letter from your friend with a copy of their passport would help.

As stated there are many Thai nationals living in the UK and visiting friends are becoming more common. If you are going to live with your family or friends, then evidence of accommodation would be required as well as their financial ability. Speak to us about what would be needed if you are going to do this. 

  • Dependents

If you are going as a family, then make this known. Many take their children with them to the UK and you can apply together when you are a family. Be this husband and wife or a family with small children. Finally proper immigration advice in Thailand will assist you with this . 

If you are in Thailand and are planning on visiting a loved one or a friend who is a citizen of the UK, you can also include the following documents in your visa application. See the UK visa for Thai spouse as well. 

Sponsor Requirements

  • Copy of your friend’s passport

They will want to know who your friend is that is writing your sponsor letter. This would be a copy of their passport. See above as to how many Thai nationals visit family in the UK each year. Their passport if they are sponsoring you will be able to assist with the visa application. 

  • Sponsorship Letter

Your friends will need to write a proper sponsorship letter for you. Our immigration department will be able to assist you with this. Let us show you what would be needed in a sponsor letter from your friends in the UK. Note that they will also need to provide  a copy of their passport with the letter. 

  • Relationship Letter

Much like the sponsor letter, you can also write a relationship letter. You can have your family in the UK write a letter for you showing that you are family. Maybe your sisysterm daughter or son is now living in the UK and you wish to visit them. Much like before they will need to provide a copy of their passport with the letter. Any other evidence to show your relationship would also help. 

  • Evidence of your friend’s financial status in the UK

Your friend will need to show that they are employed when they write the letter above. 

  • Evidence of your friend’s accommodation in the UK

Much like before your friend will need to show a rental agreement or property ownership to ensure that you will have a place to stay while in the UK. These are very easy steps to follow when applying for a UK visa from Thailand. 

UK Visa Process

The following is the UK visitors visa process in Bangkok, Thailand. Note that you need to speak to one of our immigration lawyers to ensure that all your documents are correct as this might cause delays due to a misunderstanding or incorrect or incomplete documents. Also, note that if you are applying for a tourist visa to take your Thai fiancee back to the UK then you have to apply for a fiance visa UK and not a visitors visa.

The UK Visa application process can be simple. You just have to collect all required documents and submit an application to VFS or the UK Visa Application Center. VFS will forward your application to the UK embassy after sorting it out. See also the UK visa refusal.

The embassy officer may call you for an interview about your visa application. VFS will notify you about the results of your visa application. If you have the ability to meet the requirements as set out above then call us today in Thailand or walk into our offices in Bangkok or Phuket for further information. The following is what we can offer you in Thailand today.

Most prefer to use a law firm in Thailand to manage the application process as it has to be submitted via VFS Thailand for processing. Note that the earliest you can apply for a UK visitors visa is 3 months before you travel to the UK. See further down what you can and cannot do while on a UK visitors visa from Thailand. 

UK Visitor Package

To ensure a trouble-free UK fiancée visa application in Thailand we are delighted to assist you and your fiancee with the application through our comprehensive package as follows:


  • Consultation
  • Comprehensive list of the required documents from the applicant and from the sponsor
  • Assistance with collecting all the needed documents
  • Also assistance with obtaining a police report for the fiancée from Thai police
  • Assistance with a medical check-up for the fiancée
  • Professional Preparation of the visa application papers and supporting documents
  • Interview training
  • Submission of the visa application to the VFS
  • Update on the developments and results of the visa application
UK Visitor Package

If your UK visa is denied the British Embassy will provide an explanation letter stating the reasons for the visa denial. Note that the right to appeal a visa denial applies only for a denied Family Visit visa applications in Bangkok while the normal visitor visa applications can be reapplied for as soon as possible.

UK Visitors Visa FAQ

Thai nationals can travel to the UK on the correct UK visa. The most common visa is the UK visitors visa from Thailand. There is also the UK spouse visa if you are married to a British national or a UK fiancee visa to get married to your boyfriend. See also the UK visa for Thai girlfriend as well.

You will need to have a valid Thai passport. The completed application form as well as passport size photos and supporting documents with the visa fees. The additional documents can be an employment letter to show you work in Thailand and will return or other documentation as required.

There are two options with your Thai girlfriend. The first is the UK visitors visa from Thailand and she can visit you for 6 months. There is also the UK fiancee visa if you are going to marry her when back in the UK. She can stay for a maximum of 6 months on the UK visitors visa. She cannot stay in the UK for longer than what she has stayed in her home country.

Your Thai girlfriend will need to apply for the correct visa as she is outside of the Euro Zone. You would need to apply for a UK marriage visa or a UK fiancee visa to get married in the UK. The UK visitors visa is the incorrect visa for this.