UK Fiancée Visa for Thai

This is the UK Fiancée Visa for Thai . The requirements in applying for a UK Fiancée Visa are quite similar with that of the UK Spouse Visa. The distinguishing difference is that the British national should have intent to marry the foreign or Thai fiancée within six months from the date of entry to the United Kingdom. The UK Fiancée visa is granted with a duration of six months.

UK Fiancée Visa for Thai 

The visa applicant should not have any financial requirements, however, the British national is required to have a minimum gross income of 18,600 GBP plus 3,800 GBP for first sponsored child, and 2,400 GBP additional for every sponsored child. This amount should be maintained for the duration of the visa applicant’s stay in the United Kingdom.

When the visa applicant enters the country and begins working, the applicant’s income can then be added in the gross amount. See also the UK spouse visa on this website. The UK visa for a Thai national is explained further. Always take proper legal advice when dealing with immigration. Small errors can cause long and costly delays. 

The applicant may then apply for the UK Spouse Visa from inside the United Kingdom after they get married. By this, they are able to work legally and live in the country without restrictions for two years and nine months. If the relationship is still ongoing after this given period, you may then apply for the Leave to Remain (LR) and stay in the United Kingdom for another two years and six months.

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After this period, you are then deemed as eligible to apply for the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) for the permanent residency in the country. Note the requirements for the UK visa for a Thai national. You can also see more here.

UK Fiancee Visa Eligibility Requirements

  • –          Both parties should be over 18 years of age at the time of application;
  • –          Thai national or foreigner should be holding residence in Thailand;
  • –          Both parties should be free to marry;
  • –          Both parties should have met in person prior to application;

Evidence of the arrangement to marry in the United Kingdom. Speak to a lawyer about the UK Fiancée Visa for Thai fiancée.


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