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Everything Pattaya

Everything Pattaya

There is always an everything Pattaya page. You can see cost of living. There is a wide increase number of ex-pats traveling and living in Pattaya as their second home. Pattaya City continues to be known as Thailand’s one of the most preferred locations for retirees. There are a few qualifications required to acquire a long-term retirement visa for Thailand. People aged 50 years or older can easily apply for a retirement visa.

Pattaya’s calming humid environment offers every part for superb holidays. The exciting natural night and long sandy beach are only one the few reasons why many chose to be in this city. Pattaya features many extraordinary and world-class destinations all in one fantastic paradise. It is best known for its breathtaking attractions. Along with many other cities in Thailand, Pattaya continues to grow progressively.

Retirement Requirements 

All retirees just have to prove that they have at least 800,000 baht in a Thai bank account or they have a monthly income in a form of pension or social security of 65,000 Baht at the least. Think about what you want when you retire in Pattaya.

Thailand Non-Immigrant O visa under the Thai Retirement Visa can initially be applied for at all Thai consulates and embassies, but not all will have the same measures. The process for visa applications and the result of applications differ from one Embassy to the other. One or another, you may be granted an initial 90-day Non-Immigrant O visa or even be granted a 1-year Non-Immigrant O-A visa under Retirement.

Once in Thailand, an initial visa can then be converted (See: Visa conversion in Thailand) to a 1-year Retirement visa. This visa allows you to stay in Thailand for one year without leaving the country. However, for frequent travelers, there is an option for a permit on single or multiple re-entries.

See also: How to apply for a UK visa from Thailand as well as the US Visa for a child and everything Pattaya you would need to know. There is also the Australian fiancee visa for a Thai as we have it here. 

Retirement renewal

A retirement visa can be renewed annually should the retiree intends to extend their stay in Thailand. However, holders of a retirement visa are required to report to the nearest local immigration office every 90 days with a document, which clearly shows their current address. Consider how best to retire in Pattaya.

It holds the same for holders of those who have been issued a 1-year Non-Immigrant O class visas from their home countries. But, for those cases of 1-year Non-Immigrant O visa issuance from abroad, leaving the country every 90 days is a must.

The visa is then extended for three months at every airport check-in allowing extension of stay in Thailand. If you move to a different area of Thailand, you must notify the immigration office during your 90-day reporting. Between this page and the cost of living in Pattaya that is everything Pattaya you will need to know. Lastly see also the tourist visa to Australia from Thailand as well as Australia visa Thailand.


Thinking retirement - Think Thailand?

Let our immigration lawyer Thailand assist you with immigration. With our lawyer in Bangkok we can assist you settle in Thailand. See how to retire in Thailand and get assistance with your retirement visa Thailand. We have helped many expats retire over the years, all across the Kingdom. Lastly if you have lived in Thailand for more than 3 years consecutively then see the Thailand 10 year retirement visa as well.

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