Thai Retirement Visa Renewal

The Thai retirement visa renewal occurs each year. If you have an extended 12 month retirement visa for Thailand you need to ensure that you renew your visa not more than 45 days before the visa expires. You will again need to bring all the documents you had before for the Thai visa renewal process. When you renew your retirement visa in Thailand you need to ensure that you do not wait until the last minute as this will not only affect your visa status but also affect your 90 day reporting as you already have an extended 12 month visa where 90 day reporting is due.

Thai Retirement Visa RenewalThai Retirement Visa Renewal

You will have to bring with you proof again of your financial ability to extend the visa. This would include the documents you brought with the first time. If you had a letter from your embassy for a ‘pension letter’ then you will have to have this renewed and bring it with again as proof of income. If you have the 800,000THB in a Thai account then you will have to bring the Thai bank book again which has been updated to show that you still have the 800,000THB in a bank account again. Note that you do not need to keep the 800,000THB in your bank account permanently however you need to be able to show it at renewal and that it has been there for 3 months prior to the renewal application. If you had used a combination of income and deposit then this can be changed if your financial status has changed.

Thai Retirement Visa (Grandfather Clauses)

Note that if you have had your first retirement visa issued BEFORE October 1998 the Thai Embassy in Los Angeles in the US provides an example of the combination being that if you are over the age of 60 they would expect that you have 200,000THB or more in a Thai bank account and evidence of the account deposit for the previous 3 months must be shown; or have a monthly income of not less than Baht 20,000 per month. These visa renewals are only for those who got their first visa renewal BEFORE 21st October 1998.

If you are between the ages of 55 and 60 years of age on your visa renewal you should have at least 500,000THB in a Thai bank account or an income of at least 50,000THB per month. Again as above these are only for those who have had a retirement visa since October 1998.

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