Retirement Visa Financial Requirement

You can see here the Thai retirement financial requirement. If you have reached the age of 50 and can meet the financial requirements of the retirement visa then you can apply for a Retirement Visa in Thailand. Note that when you apply for the retirement visa you need to be 50 years of age or older. In the years before Thai immigration would allow you to turn 50 during the visa process. This is now no longer allowed and you need to be 50 at the date of application and you also need to meet or exceed the financial requirements for the visa. You can also see the medical certificate for visa Thailand as well as the work permit Thailand cost breakdown, if you decide to work in the country.

Thai immigration has set the financial requirements of the retirement visa for Thailand at 800,000 THB in a Thai bank account or an income of 65,000 THB per month as the minimum financial requirement for the visa. Note you can also see the converting a tourist visa to retirement visa on this webiste. This is you wish to convert your tourist visa.


Thai Retirement Financial Requirement

Retiring in Thailand

Over the years, the rule has undergone several changes. Initially, the requirement was to have a minimum of 800,000 THB in the account. Additionally, you were required to present this amount in a printout on your Thai bank book, which served as acceptable proof. Subsequently, the rule evolved to mandate maintaining this balance in the bank account for a duration of at least 3 months. Likewise see the article on How to open a bank account in Thailand on this website.

In the event that you don’t possess a bank account in Thailand, please refer to the article about opening a bank account in Thailand on this website. Without a Thai bank account, the possibility of retiring in Thailand or extending your retirement visa within the country would be unattainable.

If you lack the lump sum of 800,000 THB in your Thai bank account, an alternative avenue emerges. In this scenario, the focus shifts to demonstrating a consistent monthly income. This monthly income must exceed 65,000 THB and can be substantiated through various means. Often, individuals who retire in Thailand secure a monthly pension that fulfills or surpasses the 65,000 THB requirement. Further details regarding the financial requisites for Thai retirement are elaborated below. Lastly also see the medical requirements for retirement in the country.


Thai Retirement Visa Requirements

You will need to show this by way of a confirmation letter from your embassy in Bangkok. Your local embassy in Bangkok will have to provide you with a letter to confirm that you are receiving a pension to or over the 65,000 THB per month financial requirement. Again, you need to speak to our immigration lawyer about these options.

– The 800,000THB needs to be in a Thai bank account; and

– Proof that the money has been in the account for at least 3 months.

If you can’t meet either of these then you can also apply for a combination of the two options. You need to speak to a Thai immigration lawyer about this. You can show a combination of a deposit in a Thai Bank account plus a monthly income. As an example, you could have an income of 35,000 THB per month and a deposit of 400,000THB or other combination. If you would like a free assessment then walk into our offices in Phuket or Bangkok for a confidential discussion about your options for retirement in Thailand. You can also call us toll-free from the US, UK, or Australia for assistance.

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