Tourist Visa for Australia

If you are in Thailand and wish to visit Australia. Then the tourist visa for Australia or Australian tourist visa allows you to stay in the country for a duration of up to 12 months. Likewise with this visa, you can now also visit your Thai family or friends in Australia. You can also enjoy tourist activities such as going on a cruise as well as attending meetings or visiting for medical treatment. However, it is important to note that working in Australia is not permitted.

Tourist Visa for Australia

Tourist Visa for Australia

Tourist Visa Conditions

The Australian visa has its conditions. Likewise, to be eligible for the visa you will need to meet certain conditions. You as the applicant must intend to visit Australia only and not to work. They will question you when you enter Australia about the purpose of the visit. You will also need to show that you have enough funds to support your stay in Australia. Note again that you are not allowed to work while in Australia. The tourist visa process from Thailand means that you will apply for the visa while in Thailand. See also the part where you can apply for a tourist visa from inside Australia and the process for that. Likewise see the broader Australian visa in Thailand on here.


Obtaining Assistance

If you require assistance then speak to us in Bangkok. We will ensure that all your documents are correct and that you minimize the risk of an Australian visa denial. These are more common than you think when it comes to the visitor’s visa for Australia. You can also see below the most common issues with an Australian visa denial in Thailand. With us, you can be assured of the authenticity and credibility of our assistance.


Permissible Activities

Likewise most visa applications in Thailand tend to come from residents of Bangkok, Pattaya, as well as from Phuket. Additionally, there are many people who wish to visit the country and see places such as Brisbane or the Gold Coast as Thai tourists. In addition it’s important to note that some wish to have a second medical opinion or attend a business meeting in Australia. However, if you wish to study, you cannot do this on the Australian visitor’s visa. Instead, you will need to apply for an Australian student visa. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning once again that you cannot work in Australia with this visa.


Holiday Cruise 

There are several cruise lines in Asia that also include Australia as a stop. Many cruise lines offer New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland as departure points. From there you can enter Australia if you have the correct visa in your passport. Likewise in the case of a round-trip cruise. Then normally the time spent on the cruise is considered as time spent in Australia. Note that this does not reset the stay period granted by the visa. To determine whether a cruise is considered a round-trip cruise, it is advisable to consult the cruise operator or travel agent. Likewise see also the Australian visa for Thai girlfriend on here as well.


Duration of Stay

Note that the first visa application is always very difficult. You might also not receive the time you are looking for. The visitor visa application is determined on a case-by-case basis. Likewise, this allowed them to take into account factors such as the desired length of stay and the purpose of the visit to Australia. When you apply for an Australian visa then the stay period is usually for a period of 3 months. This can however be stretched to 12 months. Note that the visa can be a single visa or a multiple-entry visa. Likewise, allowing individuals to leave and return to Australia within the visa’s validity period.


Parents of Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents

You will note that parents as well as step-parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents. They may be granted a visitor visa valid for more than 12 months. Note again that this is on a case-by-case basis. Also, note that should the visa be granted. Then the multiple entry visa into Australia may be allowed while the visa remains valid. However, the total cumulative stay in Australia cannot exceed 12 months within any 18 months. Note also that you have to be adequate health insurance arrangements amongst other requirements. Likewise, the alternative option for longer stays is the Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa.


Health Insurance

Note that as a visa holder, you are responsible for healthcare costs while in Australia on holiday. Likewise, adequate health insurance coverage is highly recommended to stop any financial liabilities if there is an accident or you become ill. Likewise some countries have a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia. Additionally these countries are the United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland), New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Malta, Italy, Belgium, and Slovenia. Note that the healthcare agreements can vary in terms of the specific benefits and coverage provided. Lastly also note that in certain circumstances. The visa may be granted with the condition of maintaining adequate health insurance.


Extending Stay 

Note that, unlike Thailand. You cannot extend the Australian visitor visa. If you wish to stay in Australia for a longer period. Additionally you will need to obtain a different visa. Likewise a visa that allows for these types of arrangements. Lastly also see also the permanent residency in Australia as well.


Family Members

Firstly when you apply for an Australian visa. Secondly, this is done for you as an individual so you can’t apply for a visitor visa as a family. Finally, each family member, including those listed on the passport, must submit a separate application. If you want an Australian tourist visa for your Thai girlfriend. Then also see the Australian partner visa


Costs and Additional Expenses

Likewise In addition to the visa cost. You will also need to pay for your own health checks, police certificates as well as biometrics. This will depend on the visa which you are applying for. The Australian visa government cost starts from AUD150.00, and the processing times may also vary. Currently, 25% of applications are processed within 5 days, 50% within 10 days, 75% within 18 days, and 90% within 28 days. So ensure that all your documents are correct at the time of submission. Our immigration lawyer in Bangkok will be able to assist you with this visa application process.


Application Process

Note that to be eligible for this visa for Australia. Firstly you will need to be outside of Australia when you apply. Likewise you should not enter during the visa application process. In addition, you should also review the Australian visa requirements. This as well as the guidelines for the application process.



Much like other visa holders. You too are obligated to comply with all the Australian visa conditions and laws throughout your stay in the country. Note that should any of these conditions be broken then you will have a problem with Australian immigration. Again, the visa cannot be extended and you are not allowed to work in Australia with this visa. You can see the Australian Working Holiday visa for Thai nationals. Likewise, see if you meet those requirements.


Extended Travel

In addition to traveling to Australia. If you are also planning g to visit New Zealand after Australia and then back again to Australia. Then a single entry visa will not work. See what your travel ideas are and apply for the correct visa from there. See if you have a multiple entry or single entry Australian visa. This can be done by checking the VEVO or referring to the visa grant letter.

Note that the visa with multiple entries allows travel outside and return to Australia within the visa’s validity period. However, a visa with a single entry requires applying for another visa to re-enter Australia after leaving. So if you are planning to visa the region and back into Australia again, then you will need a multiple entry visa.


Visa Labels

Visas are digitally linked to the passport, and no physical label is provided in the passport.


Australian Visitor Visa Requirements 

The requirements for an Australian Visitor Visa (subclass 600) is explained. This however may vary depending on your nationality as well as your individual circumstances. However, here are some general requirements and guidelines:


  • Eligibility: The requirements for an Australian visitor visa (subclass 600) is that you intend to visit Australia. This can be to visit your Thai family who live there or for tourism.
  • Passport: Secondly, you must have a current and valid Thai passport. This with at least six months of validity remaining at the time of your intended travel to Australia.
  • Your Purpose of Visit: Thirdly, you show the purpose of your visit. This including details of what you are going to do and where you are going to live.
  • The Financial Requirements: Fourthly, you must now show that you have money to support yourself while in country. Additionally, you will need to show that you have plans to return to home. As stated above this can be a letter of employment or property.
  • Health Insurance: Furthermore, it is highly advisable to have proper travel insurance. This to cover the duration of stay in Australia. This insurance covers your medical expenses that may arise during your visit are covered.
  • No Employment: Note that the Australian visitor visa does not allow you to work while you are in Australia. Likewise  y may not engage in any paid work or undertake any activities that could be considered work during your stay.
  • Proof of Return or Onward Travel: Moreover, you may be required to provide proof that you will leave Australia after your visit. This cab be a return ticket or an onward travel itinerary.
  • No Visa Overstay: Lastly, you must have the intention to abide by the visa conditions and depart Australia before your visa expires. Note that its important to confirm that you have not been deported from previously from Australia.


General requirements, and Specific requirements

It’s important to note that these are general requirements, and specific requirements and additional documentation may be necessary depending on your circumstances. It’s recommended to consult the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs or speak to our immigration lawyer in Thailand for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the visitor visa requirements. You can also see the article on Australian Visa for Thai Fiancee as well as  the Australian Visas for your Thai Girlfriend on this website. Likewise there is also the Australian Partner Visa on here.


Visitor Visa Denial

The denial of an Australian visa is not uncommon in Thailand. There can be several issues when this occurs. Most times you will need to see the reason for the denial and then apply for the visa again. This is not an Australian fiancée visa or Australian spouse visa where you can appeal the visa application denial. Correct the issues and apply for the visa again. These are the most common issues:


  • Character Requirements

Meeting the character requirements is crucial for visa approval. Applicants must not have a substantial criminal record, or be associated with criminal conduct or organizations. You may not pose a risk to the Australian community. The most common issue here tends to be those who have overstayed a visa before in Australia. Speak to our immigration lawyer for more assistance in this regard.


  • Non-Character-Related Refusal

This is the most common type of visa refusal or cancellation, typically occurring when false information is unknowingly provided on the visa application or when the applicant does not meet the required criteria for a specific visa type.


  • Incomplete Documents 

The most common issue is where the biometrics have not been completed or submitted on time.


  • Risk

The risk issue is mainly those who are unemployed and have no property in Thailand. You will need to change these circumstances and apply again. If they think that you might not return to Thailand that you present a flight risk. This again is not uncommon.

It appears that your visa was refused because you did not meet the genuine temporary entrant requirement. Different nationalities undergo varying levels of scrutiny when applying for a visitor visa to enter Australia, as the country is cautious about individuals wishing to overstay and remain in Australia.

Always seek legal advice from our Thai immigration lawyer in Bangkok for assistance. Many of these issues can be solved before you make your application. See also the Australian fiancée visa explained on this website. Do not use a visitor visa for Australia to take your fiancée home. The fiancée visa application is appropriate and the correct way to move her back to Australia. Likewise also see the US Tourist Visa and the Australian Fiancee Visa Requirements.