US visa for child under 14

US visa for child under 14

US visa for child under 14

The US visa for child under 14 will depend on what the childs mother has. You might need to apply for a K4 visa with a K3 visa derivative while in Thailand. The K4 Visa is the visa for the minor child of the K3 visa from the  Thai applicant. This visa allows the child to travel with his/her parent to the US should the visa be granted. The K4 Visa application should be applied for simultaneous with the K3 Visa application.

K4 Visa

Firstly contact our immigration lawyer in Thailand today should you require further information regarding the K3 spouse visa application. A large number of American-Thai couples planning to enter Thailand are worried about the status of their dependent Thai children. They who wish to go and travel with their parents. Given the correct information, the whole process for this does not have to be complicated.

The US K2 Visa and K4 Visas in Thailand are derivative visas of the US K1 and K3 visas. This which are intended for the children of Thai-American couples. This means that unmarried children who are under the age of 21. They are also seeking to migrate to the United States may qualify for the US K2 and K4 visa. They become dependants of which visa their Thai parent holds. The US K2 and K4 visa allows the children to stay with their parents. This while waiting for their permanent resident/immigrant status to be completely processed. Likewise also see the Hague Convention on Child Abduction.

Both the US K2 and K4 visa holders are allowed to seek employment and education in the United States. The US K2 status is valid for three months without the option to extend it, while the US K-4 visa is valid for two years after the entry to the United States, and extension is possible.

Where to start the US visa process

Every time a US national files a petition for his Thai wife, it is highly recommended that all dependent children of the Thai spouse are listed, whether they are going with their parents or not. The US K2 and K4 visas do not need a separate petition to be filed.

The main reason for enlisting all the children is to reduce both paperwork and fees for processing the visa.  It will be more difficult to prove the identity of the children of the applicant if the child’s name is not included in the petition, and the petition process might be restarted from scratch due to these kinds of complications. As you will note that children under 21 who are not married or have children follow this visa path. This is not just the US visa for child under 14 but under 21 years of age. 

Once the children of your Thai wife are listed on the original paperwork, the process of requesting a visa would relatively be short. However, if the children are not named they are still eligible for derivative visas.

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Adjustment of Status

Once the child is residing in the United States, his or her status must be adjusted prior to obtaining lawful permanent residence. The US national should file a separate petition for adjustment of status on behalf of the US K-2 or K-4 visa holder. As far as Thailand-US immigration laws are concerned, if the children are the biological children of a former spouse, special documentation from the Thai authorities will be required showing that the former spouse allows or does not have rights to consent. Likewise see also the adjustment of status on here. 

Moving to the United States

Moving to the United States requires many forms. The Form I-129F form is needed when you have applied for a US Visa for your Thai wife or Thai girlfriend. You can see the fiance visa Thailand on here as well as the K3 spouse visa as well. Likewise see also what is the K 2 visa as well as the what is IR1 visa article. Lastly also see the how long does it take to get a U.S. visa from Thailand on here.

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