Drafting a Prenuptial Agreement

Are you considering drafting a Thai Prenuptial Agreement? A prenuptial agreement in Thailand is basically a pre-marriage contract, which is the most important characteristic of this agreement. It should be drafted and registered prior to the marriage, and failure to do so will terminate its validity. Under Thai law, a Thai prenuptial agreement should be done in writing. It should also be signed in the presence of two witnesses and has to be registered with the local district office where the upcoming marriage will be registered.


Drafting a Thai Prenuptial Agreement


– Thai prenuptial agreements are permanent and thus, cannot be altered.

– A Thai prenuptial agreement can be submitted in two languages, provided that both parties understand the arrangements stated in the contract and that the conditions do not breach moral grounds.

– Drafting of prenuptial agreements should be made by efficient lawyers, and couples should seek the legal assistance of a law firm that is well-versed with regards to Thai law. Here are some reasons why having a good lawyer or law firm in Thailand is important:

– Prenuptial agreements impose a high impact on the marriage life of the couple involved. Having incompetent lawyers to handle such tasks may result in the couple ending up in uncompromising situations.

– Prenuptial agreements that are poorly drafted may result in delays in the future. Delays will sometimes be costly. Instead of having the agreement registered as soon as possible, the time will be consumed for revising the whole contract.

– Prenuptial agreements are comprised of confidential and delicate information. It is highly recommended that when a couple is planning to get married in Thailand, they should only share this information to lawyers who have high credibility.

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The best lawyers in Thailand can promptly provide clients with their best advice which is beneficial to both parties. Because of their wide knowledge and expertise regarding this matter, only the suitable legal practitioners can provide clients with a less hassle process in registering a prenuptial agreement in Thailand. Always seek professional help when drafting a Thai Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand.


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