Thailand Marriage Registration

Thailand marriage registration is explained. Any foreigner can get married to a Thai national, or to another foreigner in Thailand. Thailand has attracted numbers of expats for marriage destinations, but apart from the wedding ceremony. The couple should also be aware on how to register your marriage in Thailand. First of is obtaining the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry from the respective embassy in Thailand.

Thailand marriage in Thailand

This document shall state that you are single and free to marry. For foreigners marrying another foreigner, certain nationalities require the Affirmation letter and the requirement in obtaining such document depends on the nationality. If the foreigner is marrying a Thai national. Then the Thai national shall be required to present her Thai National ID card and House Registration Document. Also, Thai translations are needed for the affirmation of Freedom to Marry, and certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The Thailand marriage registration should be registered at the local district office or Amphur. The process of submitting the documents and registering the marriage validates the marriage. Declaring it as legally binding. After the marriage registration, a marriage certificate written in Thai language is issued – have these documents translated into the English language and certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, make sure to report your marriage to the foreign national’s home country, or embassy in Thailand if required by your embassy.

Thailand tends to be Bangkok with lots to offer the expatriate in Thailand.

Both parties should be able to meet the age requirement for getting married in Thailand which is 18 years or older. Written parental consent is required for those below 18 years old. Also, be aware that Thailand does not recognize same sex marriage. And if one or both parties are presently married abroad, they cannot be married in Thailand.

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When marrying divorced Thai women, conditions should be met before she can remarry if she has been divorced for less than 310 days. The Thai woman should obtain a letter from a qualified doctor stating that she is not pregnant. Take legal advice on this as marrying a recently divorced Thai woman is more common than you might think. Marriage registration in Thailand is explained as well elsewhere on this webiste.


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