Thailand Condo Investment Visa

This Thailand condo investment visa has a few rules. This is a question frequently asked by foreign investors who are interested in staying in Thailand permanently. Believe it or not, it is quite possible to obtain such visa if you meet all the requirements. If you are planning on purchasing a newly-built condominium unit in Thailand, then this visa is perfect for you. Especially if you are having problems qualifying for the other visa options such as the retirement visa.

Thailand Condo Investment Visa

The Thai government revealed an updated 10 million Thai Baht Investment Visa in 2014 to invite more capital investments into the country. This scheme was designed to encourage the property and bond markets, at the same time providing an incentive to the international investors to take into account a much higher level of investment.

The 10 million Thai Baht Investment Visa is not limited to condominiums, but to other certain asset classes wherein an overseas investor can place his money into. These investments are the following:

– Condominium units in newly-built developments

– Thai government or Thai state-enterprise bonds

– Cash deposit into a Thai bank account

Also, the 10 million Thai Baht can be distributed across these three different investment modes. It would be possible to purchase a pair of 3 million Thai Baht condominium units.

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At the same time deposit 4 million Thai Baht into a Thai bank account to be able to achieve the 10 million Thai Baht minimum investment required. However, property seems to be the preferred asset for most of the foreign investors who apply for the Investment Visa.

Pros and Cons of the Thai Investment Visa

– There is no age restriction in applying for this type of visa;

– Investor’s family are eligible to apply for this type of visa;

– The requirements are not complicated and easy to understand;

– Holder of this type of visa is not allowed to work in Thailand;

– Applicants of this type of visa should already have a non-immigrant visa;

– Holders of this type of visa can only purchase condominium units;

Anyone interested in applying for the Investment Visa should have a Thailand non-immigrant visa – this is not available for those with tourist visas. Also, the visa applicant should be able to provide proof that at least 10 million Thai Baht has been transferred into the country, and other evidence of your investment. Speak to us if you are interested in the Thailand condo investment visa. See also property investment in Thailand for more information as well as the Condominium Act of Thailand

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