Thai Prenuptial Agreement

The Thai Prenuptial Agreement has become very common nowadays. This especially at the time on the second and third marriages. The “Prenup” as it is commonly known, is an agreement between two people. This agreeing that in case of a divorce, the ownership of a certain property remains solely to one person and not conjugal. This agreement would detail all the things you wish to agree about your assets. When one or the other decides to end the marriage.

Thai Prenuptial Agreement

The prenuptial agreement in Thailand is not mandatory. Most of the time it enhances financial security when partners decide to get married. The cost of a divorce case would be minimized if there is a prenuptial agreement present. Also lesser chances of parties arguing on which assets belong to whom. However, the law differs from each country and it is always best to seek legal assistance from a Thai lawyer regarding prenuptial agreement prior to getting married.

Prenuptial agreements in Thailand increased suddenly because being married confuses property jurisdiction between two individuals. This agreement ensures that both will have peace of mind. Property ownership in Thailand is divided into two categories: Separate property owned by the husband or the wife, and Communal property which is owned by both as a couple.

Thai Prenuptial Agreement Requirements

– The contract should be written or  made in writing

– Each spouse should have separate lawyers to represent them in court

– Each spouse should sign the prenuptial with two witnesses before the marriage registration

– The contract should be registered at the district office where the marriage is to be registered

The second category of property ownership in Thailand is the marital property, which is jointly owned by the husband and wife. This would include all properties acquired during the marriage. This makes the prenuptial agreement necessary because if there should be any doubt as to which category a property falls in, that property would automatically become communal property.

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It is never been the goal of marrying parties to have marriage ended in divorce. But, mostly, considering prenuptial agreement would be beneficial to both giving security and of less stress when time comes that both intends to end their marriage in Thailand. Consider all your options when it comes to the Thai prenuptial agreement. See also the marriage registration in Thailand on here.

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