Marriage Agreement

The marriage agreement is becoming more common.A Prenuptial Agreement or marriage agreements is a contract made by a couple prior to entering marriage, it is also known as the ante nuptial or premarital agreement. The purpose of such agreement is for each other’s security in the event that the marriage will end up in separation or divorce. This agreement is to write down which property is owned by whom, and discuss in advance how the properties will be distributed if ever the marriage ends up in a divorce.

Marriage Agreement

Although each couple who chooses to get married trusts for it to last, the lamentable truth is that there are quite of numerous unions that didn’t last.  A couple who effectively arranges a prenuptial agreement before their marriage will spare a huge amount in legitimate expenses if the marriage ends up in a divorce.

There are several preferences to prenuptial agreements. Then couples come to appoint that they have to list which assets they own, future disagreements regarding assets can be avoided. Prenuptial agreements can give the couple true serenity. A well off individual can ensure their fiancé/e is not just marrying them for monetary, while a person who may not feel monetarily free will feel the security of knowing precisely how they will be accommodated if the marriage goes bad.

In cases where a marriage ends up in a divorce, the existence of a marriage agreements will essentially bring down the legal expenses of the two parties. When a couple uses a marriage agreements to choose how to distribute their assets before they get married, they can both avoid all the legal fees that numerous couples have undergone in battling about who gets which when things go bad. Although no couple is hoping for the likelihood that their marriage may come up short, advance preparation for the worst case imaginable can spare you both huge savings.

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If you own a small business or part owner of a company, you may want to consider preparing a marriage agreements to ensure that the ownership of the company is not affected by your marriage. Failure to prepare a marriage agreements would result having the former spouse being awarded part of the company, which complicates the management process of the business.

The marriage agreement also protects one spouse from the debts of the other spouse. According to Thai law, a marriage agreements also known as a prenuptial agreement protects the assets of one party from the other party’s debts.


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